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5 Great Ways to Boost Your Income During the Recession Without Leaving Home

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Written by Sarah Bull of Economy Mom

Thanks to the global recession, many women and stay-at-home moms are facing additional financial stress on top of the anxiety they were already feeling due to the pandemic. Luckily, if you’re at a crossroads with your career or need a little extra income to make ends meet during these challenging times, there are many opportunities to earn money online.

Clean Out Your Closet

If you buy designer brands or have a lot of nice, gently used clothing taking up room in your closet, you might be able to make money off your collection. Websites like TheRealReal, Poshmark, and ThredUP are all great places to start selling. You’ll make the most profit if you take clear photos, price your items well and write an accurate description.

Similar to clothes and accessories, electronics, movies, and video games can fetch a decent price if your items are in good condition. There are many places to sell and trade in tech, so be sure to research your options to find the best fit. And while you're in the tech cleanout mindset, consider cutting the cable cord to save with streaming. Keep in mind you might not make a ton of money selling used items, but it’s a good way to earn cash if you plan to declutter.

Provide Your Opinion

One of the most common money-making tips given to stay-at-home moms is to start taking surveys from companies that will pay for your opinion. However, while there are countless survey-taking options to choose from, NerdWallet warns that surveys are hardly worth your time. Even if you can complete a survey in a few minutes, it often takes hours of work to start seeing any profit. A better way to earn a little extra money for your opinion is to test websites through companies like UserTesting or Userlytics. The Balance reports that you typically earn $10 per website that you test, with an average test taking 15 to 30 minutes. Again, it’s not enough money to earn a living, but it’s still a nice supplement.

Sell Your Designs or Photography

If you’re a naturally creative person, there are many ways to earn money from your talents. One of the best ways is to sell photos on a stock photography website. Businesses and bloggers are always in need of fresh images, meaning there’s always a demand for high-quality photography.

Similarly, you can earn extra income by designing and selling logos, T-shirt designs, or other original content. Fortunately, there are many marketplaces to try selling your wares. But alternatively, you might enjoy opening your own e-commerce store. Operating your own store is a low-budget option that offers more flexibility than selling through a third-party website.

Become a Tutor

Are you great at math, science, writing, or any other school subject? There is a constant need for tutors at every grade level, especially during the pandemic when more parents are finding themselves in charge of homeschooling. Many tutoring jobs center around teaching English as a second language, but tutors are needed in all subject categories.

Tutoring is rewarding on a personal level, but it can also be lucrative. If you choose the right platform and have the required skills, it’s possible to earn enough to make a living.

Consider Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the increasing demand of remote workers, virtual assistants are in very high demand. These individuals can help with a number of different support roles, from social media management to answering emails and making appointments. You’ll need strong organizational and communication skills to excel in this field, as you’ll be tasked with managing different requests, some of which may have very strict deadlines.

If you’re interested in getting started, get in touch with Milrich Virtual Professionals LLC to see what types of virtual assistant jobs are currently available.

Start Freelancing

Similar to tutoring, you can turn freelancing into a career. Best of all, nearly any professional skill can be done on a freelance basis. For example, if you have experience with Google ads, getting an Adwords agency gig might be the perfect way to start earning more. Other popular freelance roles include becoming a writer, virtual assistant, web designer or sales person.

Keep in mind that if you decide to dip your toe into freelance waters, you want to be able to provide the best for your clients. So make sure you have the right tech, an organized workspace and a routine to ensure you always hit the mark and stay productive.

The recession has been hard on many women and stay-at-home moms, but there are ways to boost your income without leaving home. Some of these opportunities are more lucrative than others, but all of them are flexible enough to fit around childcare and any other responsibilities you may have. Plus, being able to work from home is often a rewarding experience in itself.

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