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Are You Trying to Keep Up With the Joneses?

I feel like this is the time of year where we are all pressured by “stuff.”We constantly see those around us buying big exclusive gifts for their friends and family. And not to mention those on social media who parade the gifts that they are buying. With all this reflection, it feels like there is a constant competition to keep up with the joneses. This year instead of being in constant competition with those around us, let’s try a less stressful route. 

Turn off social media close to the holiday

It may just be me, but my comparison games dnot start until I log on my social media accounts. Picture this… scrolling through my newsfeed to see that Mary and her three children are happily enjoying a family outing with no tantrums. All while I am home with a two year old who had a meltdown this morning because I gave him the wrong color cup. Is there something I am missing? Is my parenting wrong?

Or maybe while scrolling I see that Molly got her kids a new state of the art playground, a game system, and a new phone for Christmas. But my young kids are getting a cheaper swing set, and a few little toys. See where I am headed with this? 

While social media can be great for connecting for a business or seeing long distance family, it can also be a burden on our ego. So this year, let’s make a pack to skip social media close to the holiday, and quit the comparison game.

Focus on family rather than gifts

While the holiday season can be full of stress from gift buying and a busy schedule, it is meant to be a time for family. So, to get past the stress of keeping up with what everyone else is doing or buying, instead put your effort into family. Rather than a fancy gift, spend time baking and decorating cookies with your kids. You may not be the best singer around (like myself) but Christmas caroling has always been a favorite holiday activity of mine. This year rather your friends and family and go caroling at a local nursing home. Not only are you spending time with your family, but also giving joy to those who may not have it otherwise. 

The main objective in getting past the stress to “keep up with the Joneses” is to put your time and effort elsewhere. Comparison games are not fun for you or those around you. So instead look at what you already have with appreciation. 

Finding the time for events or family fun can be difficult when work has your calendar jammed. But have no fear, Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC. can help take those day to day tasks off your hands.

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