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Blogging Daily – Pro’s and Con’s – Is it Really Necessary?

So, how important is it really for you to be blogging daily? A lot of people will tell you that you should post every day if you want to gain subscribers. Or, if you want to get more traffic to your website, or just be a successful blogger, in general, they will tell you that daily blogging is where it is at. That may not be something you want to hear or something that you think you can keep up with, though. So let’s talk pros and cons.

Blogging Daily Pros

  1. Choices: Posting every day gives your readers choices.  When they come across your blog and aren’t interested in your first post, they have options. They will definitely have a variety of material to choose from.

  2. Concise: Blogging daily allows you the flexibility to be more direct and to post shorter blogs without your readers feeling that you aren’t invested.

  3. Variety: You’ll be able to switch up your content with less negative responses. If you want to throw something different in from what you usually post your subscribers aren’t going to mind. Maybe you want to try a video blog instead. As long as they don’t have to wait long for more of the content they are used to, they will be satisified.

  4. Routine: Your loyal subscribers will know your routine and may make it part of theirs. You’ll be a familiar place that they visit each day. The engagement also may increase if you have regular commenters as well.

  5. Practice: Not only will you be able to explore lots of different options, but you’ll also be able to go in depth on the topics that you really find yourself passionate about. It will help you find out where your heart lays.

  6. Discipline: Learn self-discipline. Posting daily takes commitment and planning. By investing in your blog you will become a more disciplined writer.

  7. Outreach: The more posts you have, the more likely you are to get links, shares, and new viewers.

Blogging Daily Cons

  1. Sloppy: Writing daily can make you a sloppy writer. If you don’t have the time to invest in it you may end up feeling forced to produce content just to be posting it. That’s never a good idea.

  2. The Unexpected: Things happen. Things that we don’t plan. The internet goes down, a site goes down, and our computers take their last electronic breath. If you have a tight schedule and can’t plan far in advance, these things can completely throw you off track. It will leave your readers thinking you have abandoned your blog.

  3. Burnout: You will get burnt out fast if blogging isn’t something that you are truly passionate about, and daily blogging is a strain. Pushing yourself to make posts when you aren’t really feeling it will result in less than superior writing. This will affect your readers and they will start to feel burnt out on your posts. They may end up missing something really great because they can’t keep up with the daily You never want to feel that you can’t take a break.

  4. Lost Opportunities: Having a lot of posts means there are a lot more chances for more comments, discussion, and engagement. If you aren’t able to keep up with notifications often, you may miss out on opportunities to connect with your readers.

The Decision

The decision is ultimately yours and should depend on the factors that influence your blog, style, and life in general. If you prefer to be more concise then daily blogging is something you can do with ease. If you are a great planner and can schedule posts ahead of time, then you will likely keep up with the demand of daily posting. But, if blogging daily takes the fun out of the writing or feels taxing then you may opt for a more open schedule. The best way to approach it is to ease into it until you find the schedule that works best for you, or, reach out to us and see how we can assist you by clicking here.

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