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Blogging Goals – 4 Tips For Setting and Achieving Them

Depending on what your focus is and what you hope to get out of your blog there are different strategies that you can take to set and reach your blogging goals. There are many different reasons that someone starts a blog. It may stem from just needing a creative outlet to an addition to a company page. But, regardless of the reason behind it, there is usually an expectation of what you want to achieve.

1. Blogging Exposure

Most bloggers post on some type of public forum. They do this because they want people to read, enjoy, engage, and come back for more. Blogging can be a great way to get attention and notoriety. If exposure is what you seek then you should set your blog goals accordingly. Think about how you will measure your success. Will it be through subscribers, mentions, clicks, or popularity? Once you know how your success will be measured then you’ll be able to start setting goals. If you are new to blogging then you may want to give yourself a slow ramp. Find a way to track the information to your blog, get a starting point, and work from there to set your blog goals. A great free option to track your blog traffic is Google Analytics. Once you know what your goals are then it is up to you to get creative in how you will reach them.

2. Blogging for Profit

Something that was once unheard of is now quite popular. It is very feasible to turn your blog into a profit. The amount of profit will depend on how popular your blog is and the approach you take. There’s also more than one way to work towards this goal. You may decide to become a successful blog entrepreneur or you may want to use a blog as an avenue to bring more clients to your company.

Regardless of the why the how is the same. Start by looking at how much you are making today. If that’s zero then your first goal may be to make anything! Then from there you can track your success and start to challenge yourself. If your blog is part of a company site then dig into the information on where the new clients are coming from. Maybe your goal is to bring in one new client from your blog each month? Find out where you are starting and decide what your expectation is.

3. Blogging for Self Expression

Some of us just feel inspired to write and need a creative outlet. Blogging isn’t just a job, for most, it is a passion and some may want nothing more from it than to cultivate that passion. The best way to manage that success is to not put so much pressure on yourself to perform but to instead make sure that you feel good about it. You may not be the kind of person that is interested in demographics or information about the stats of your blog.Instead, you can focus on writing about what you are passionate about, engaging with your readers, and doing things that challenge you in a creative way. This may mean that you also let your creative side determine your schedule, topics, and change when you feel it is time to change.

4. Schmoozing

Blogging is a great way to put your business or opinions on a public platform that can be shared, viewed, and discussed an endless amount of times. If your goal is making connections then you may be interested in having more guest bloggers, sharing other posts, having a more open commenting forum, using polls and survey, and possibly even adding video. You’ll also want to make sure that you share your blog on all your social and professional media platforms and that you add a link on your business card.

Before you focus on a goal determine your key audience and then list all the creative ways that you can connect to that audience. Find the most noteworthy bloggers and influencers that you want to connect with and start getting active on their sites. You’ll start seeing success come to fruition when you start hearing the words “I read on your blog that…” You can start setting goals to connect with the key influencers in your business or simply by the numbers if you prefer.

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