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Boost Sales During the Holidays – 6 Creative Ways to Do It

The holiday season is a time for giving.  Giving to family, friends, employees, and charitable donations.  It is a time when retail businesses seem to boom, but in the world of businesses outside of retail, a lot of things get put on hold until the new year.  Those businesses are trying to tie up loose ends before the fiscal year comes to a close and are focusing on what the new year will bring. So how do you boost sales?

There are ways that you can keep the focus on maintaining sales of your products and services, wrap up the year as you prepare for the new one, and still find time for an extra push before the fiscal year ends.  You may be trying to hit your quota for the year or set a record.  Regardless of your reason, you are in the business of selling and you need a way to entice more customers to do business with your company and existing customers to purchase more. Here are 6 ways you can boost sales during the holidays.

1) Boost Sales by Linking to a Charity

The holiday season is the perfect time to help with a charity.  It will not only be great for your community image it will also be much appreciated by the charity you are choosing to support.  Once you have chosen your charity, encourage clients to support the same charity and offer a discount or incentive for them if they do.

2) Boost Sales by Having Secret Hours

During the holidays offer a special time that only customers can contact you or use your services at a time when you are normally closed.  You may want to continue this practice throughout the year to show how much you value their business.

3) Boost Sales with a Holiday Thank You

Hold a special breakfast or lunch to show your appreciation.  If you have a large clientele spread across a large territory and holding a lunch in person is not feasible you may want to have breakfast or lunch sent to their office.  It would be a good idea to speak to the office manager to determine the best date and time to send lunch and the office preference on where to order from.

4) Boost Sales with Holiday Cards

Mail holiday cards to your clients to show them that they are appreciated and remembered during the holiday season.

5) Boost Sales with a Giving Tree

Run a charity of your own to provide gifts for those in need in your area and encourage customers and employees to participate.

6) Boost Sales by Making it Kid Friendly

Instead of a typical holiday party hold a kid-friendly party for clients and employees.  This will give your business a chance to interact with customers on a more personal level and get to know who they are.  It also shows your company cares about family values and respects their time.

The key to boosting sales during the holidays is to think of others.  Involve your business with charities and things that will help others throughout the year.  That will help you draw in new customers and remind the existing ones why they choose you over your competitors!

The holidays are a pressing time to add more to your workload. However, adding all or some of these ideas to your current plan can really help drive your sales up and we can help! Our trained staff of virtual assistants can help you execute and manage these additions. Click here to find out how!

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