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Brain Fog

I can’t focus. I sat down this morning to write the weekly post to you all and we’re going on six hours later. It’s not that I didn’t want to say hello, since I look forward to this all week. And it’s not like my brain isn’t filled with tons of information….some would say it’s useless, but it is information nonetheless. I have fallen victim to brain fog.

And, I can tell you. I was EXTREEEEMELY productive. It was INSANE the amount of work I got done. So productive…wait. I was productive, right? I mean, I think I was. Wait. No….. REALLY. Stop the clock. What did I get….. accomplished …. Ok, THINK, THINK I sat in this chair all day. What did I do? My neck even hurts from working at the computer. The house isn’t clean so I know I didn’t do that .

So, what was it?

Oh wait, I see notes. Yes, hmmm. Ok. Oh, and at some point, I got up and checked the mail. It was all junk mail. Oh yeah. It’s all coming back. Kind of. Ok, not really. I’m kind of hungry… is there anything good to eat in this place? Right, my house. And why did the music just stop playing? What the heck!Gosh, my eyes are soooo tired! I wonder if anyone emailed me about my power point yet. WHERE IS THE MUSIC!

Oh no… there’s another storm coming? I wonder why I can’t have two of those emails open at the same time. That’s ridiculous. Oh, hey!!!! Yeah…. Ummmm. Ok, then. I’m back. What are we doing? Oh right, the blog. It’s cool, you’re not interrupting… Me and my brain? Just hanging out. Listening to some…. SERIOUSLY? Why is the music not…. Oh! Muted. Ok, yes. I’m good. Back again.

Brain Fog- More Common Than You Thought

I never thought I suffered from it but thought it was really funny when my “older” friends at work did. I thought it was menopause. She’d come in the room. Look around. Forget what she was in there for. Leave. Remember. Come back. And, forget. So funny! Then it happened to me. Not funny.

But, you know what I realized? There are so many causes of brain fog. Mine is usually nutritional deficiencies. I became a vegetarian at forty and not a very good one. I needed to add a good amino acid and b-complex. Once I did that, my brain fog? Gone. Oh, except for today. We’ll get to that. Too little water, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, low blood sugar… even spinal issues can cause brain fog! Personally, after adjusting my nutritional imbalances I felt wonderful but today? I know of two things off that could easily be causing my “legend of sleepy hollow” brain….What about you?

I refuse to live in a fog so I’m off to get myself a large glass of water and something to munch on. I may even see what the rest of the world is up too; if I can only remember where I put my shoes. And where’s my keys. Wait. What did I come in here for?

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