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Brainstorming – 4 Tips to Remember When Writer’s Block Strikes

Every writer has their own process and style.  But every now and then we hit that creative brick wall commonly known as writer’s block.  That’s when you really have to start brainstorming to get the wheels turning and the creative juices flowing.  Whether you’re stuck for this week’s blog topic or you feel like your blog is in a rut and you just need some fresh ideas to get it turned around; you’ll want your brainstorming to net something solid.  Here are some tips to ensure successful brainstorming session.

1. Avoid Pressure when Brainstorming

Procrastination does not partner well with brainstorming.  The reason you feel stuck for a topic may be that you’ve waited till the last minute and now the pressure is on.  You want this time to be creative and open.  Working in a time crunch doesn’t allow the creative process to flow naturally.  Make sure that you set aside some time to work comfortably so that you don’t have that added stress.  Another way to alleviate pressure is to allow yourself to brainstorm without the premise that every session will lead to the perfect topic.  Putting that kind of pressure on yourself would be the same as a baseball player expecting a home run every time they are up to bat.  It just isn’t going to happen.  It’s more likely that you’ll get through a lot of bad ideas first, and that’s okay.

2. Bad is Good

Have you ever tried to not think about something only to find that you can think of nothing else? That’s usually how it goes.  When you come up with an idea that you instantly want to dismiss but can’t seem to get passed, instead of trying to put it out of your head, let your mind roll with it. Sometimes bad ideas lead to good ideas. Think about topics that you’d never want to write about.  Think about topics that have been overdone, poorly done, that don’t speak to or inspire you. Once you know what you don’t want to write out, think about why and the why will lead you to what you really DO want to write about.

3. Think Without Words

Instead of starting with words let the words find you.  Do anything you can except focus on finding the perfect topic.  Go for a walk, draw, do some yoga, or people watch. There are any number of things that you can do to clear your mind.  A stress-free environment is more cohesive for creativity. If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day where you do all of your work, then chances are brainstorming is going just feel like more work. Get moving, change your scenery, alleviate the pressure and let your mind be free to wander.  There are topics all around you waiting to be found.  You just have to be open to finding them.

4. Team Up

The creative process doesn’t have to be a lonely one.  Get together with colleagues or friends and bounce ideas off of each other.  There may be others with the same struggles that could also benefit from the partnership.  It’s also a great way to get some feedback on a topic before you ever start writing it.  You can also collaborate on a larger scale.  Open up a discussion on a forum or your webpage to get feedback about what your subscribers what to read.  Having some insight on topics your readers are interested in will also ensure that you are making posts that will get more views and be well received.

How else do you overcome writer’s block? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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