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Building Self-Esteem in the Workplace – 5 Success Tips

Building Self-Esteem in the workplace is important. A happy worker is a hard worker, or at the very least makes others around them happy. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment where happiness is contagious?! The struggle for every employer is how to create an environment that spawns happy workers. I believe building self-esteem in the workplace creates a positive environment that promotes a happy workforce. Uncertainty is stressful, which is why part of building self-esteem in the workplace is making sure there is an open forum for constant feedback and support. Here are some ways you can increase employee morale and performance by building self-esteem.

1. Be consistent in how often you give feedback.

Make sure you are giving feedback on a regular basis. If an issue is presented to you, address it right away. Employees should know where they stand and how their performance is seen all year round, not just during review time. Make sure you compliment them when they have done well and help provide alternate solutions when something doesn’t work. Unsolicited feedback will help bolster self-esteem in the workplace because it shows an interest in your employees, but be careful not to overlook or disregard when somebody is seeking feedback even if they are doing so discreetly.

2. Be honest with the feedback you give.

Don’t puff anybody up if they are not meeting expectations. The last thing you want to do is get in the habit of sugar coating the truth. This will only give a false sense of self-esteem which will do more harm than good. You want to be straightforward with your employees as to the expectations you have and whether they are living up to them.

3. Include one positive for every negative.

When you give critical feedback it can be harmful to a worker’s self-esteem in the workplace. As I said before, don’t sugar coat the truth or be deceptive. Instead, for every critique you make, pick out a positive about that same worker and end the conversation on a high note. This way they are aware of the improvements that need to be made, but also that you recognize what they are doing well.

4. Building self-esteem in the workplace should be a team sport.

Yes, you should lead by example, but make sure you are building a team dynamic that encourages building each other up. This way when you aren’t there to encourage somebody doing a great job, your team will be there to fill your shoes, helping ensure no accomplishment is overlooked!

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