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Business Retreats: Regroup, Reconnect, & Reap the Benefits

We all need a vacation every once in a while. While we take personal vacations, it is an overlooked practice to have business retreats. Unfortunately, many companies have cut back on discretionary expenses, including business retreats, which can provide much-needed training and bonding to build and maintain a strong and stable business. Although it may seem like a great expense up front there are tax breaks that offset the expense so long as good records are kept and there has been a pre-approved budget for such an occasion.

Business retreats help build stronger relationships

Just like a vacation can help rejuvenate a marriage or help bond a family, business retreats are a chance to encourage a more cohesive team. It’s a chance to provide some training, along with activities that will help encourage a stronger bond between co-workers, hopefully creating a stronger team.

Consider, Jack and Jill sitting in cubicle A and B. Their jobs intertwine, but business has been so busy that they never established more than a conversational relationship. There is very little motivation for Jack to help Jill finish a project when she is close to a deadline or vice versa. Now consider the same scenario, but they’ve been on a company retreat, participated in activities designed to find commonalities and build relationships. In this scenario, Jack and Jill know each other on a more personal level and hopefully, have mutual respect and admiration for one another. Don’t you think both would be more inclined to pitch in and help the other with a stronger bond?

It does not have to be expensive

I know what you’re thinking……”money’s tight; I can’t afford to take everybody on a retreat”. Well here’s the thing, business retreats don’t always have to be a big trip with a ton of expenses. Do it locally, or even hire somebody to come into your workplace and have a “mini-retreat”. There are many specialized training programs that not only train on content but culture as well.

Creating a culture conducive to establishing more than conversational relationship will help increase productivity in the long run. It’s just like building client relationships. A more personalized relationship creates a stronger bond and overall a more productive relationship. So, foster an environment that encourages a team dynamic based on commonalities and mutual respect. Have a retreat, even if it’s in your own back yard and reap the benefits of a stronger team.

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