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Clean Desk Policy- 4 Benefits To Keeping A Clean Workspace

Have you ever heard of a clean desk policy? If you haven’t, a clean desk policy it is a policy that all employees must leave their desk free of all papers, documents, sticky notes, etc. at the end of the work day. These policies are being implemented in companies to ensure the security of confidential documents. While that is important to businesses and clients, a clean desk policy may also have positive effects for its employees as well. Here’s how:

1. Money and Time Saver

Having a clean desk will actually save you time and save your company money. The reason being is that you and your co-workers will spend less time searching for papers or files that you have misplaced. It will encourage digital documents which can be easily organized. It will also make things easier to find and save money on the cost of printing.

2. Clean Desk First Impressions

The appearance of a clean desk leaves a lasting impression. It gives the impression that you take pride in your space. It also gives the impresion to potential clients, and existing ones, that you take pride in your work and their accounts.

3. Wandering Eyes

Having your desk cleared and cleaned at the end of the work day elevates the risk of people seeing documents that they shouldn’t see. Keeping files and documents in their proper folders helps keep company and client information safe. Its a major benefit to ensure the risk of information being leaked is at a minimum.

4. Stress Reducer

Having a clutter free workspace reduces your stress level. Starting your day with a clean desk is like starting with a clean slate. Everything having a place and everything in its place helps you to efficiently complete your daily to-do list. You will also be able to multi-task and locate items that co-workers or clients ask for without the stress of digging through piles on your desk.

Implementing A Policy

You may be thinking this is a great thing but how will companies implement this policy? It can first be implemented by making it an official workplace policy. Have everyone sign the policy to acknowledge the guidelines and consequences. This will give it the authority it needs to survive in the office. Then ensure random weekly checks are in place. If a space is not clean, consequences will then be enforced.  Finally, be sure to provide everything necessary, such as lockable storage, for any documents that need to be printed.

Clean desk policies are a way for employees to take pride in their work and ownership in their role in the company. It is also a way that companies can say they are doing their best to guarantee their clients information is secure along with providing a stress reducuction in the work environment. This is a great policy that anyone can partak in, and enjoy the benefits from, whether at work, home, or school. Happy cleaning!

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