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Client Meeting – 5 Quick Tips for First Time Success

Preparation is key when meeting a new client. Before heading into a new client meeting, take a moment to focus on your professional attitude, and on showing confidence in what you do. Even if your meeting is over the phone, put a smile on your face, because your client will feel it on the other end. This will assure them that they are investing in a highly qualified and trained expert who will address their business needs appropriately. Also, make sure to follow these 5 simple tips to ensure meeting success:

1. Research your client

  1. Visit and read their website; Pay attention to mission and vision statements

  2. Follow their social media accounts

  3. Read recent blog posts, understand who they are as a company and how they want to grow

  4. Understand industry challenges; Write down how you can be part of the solution to help them with challenges and promote future growth

  5. Write down any unanswered questions, and address them at the end of your meeting.

2. Have An Agenda

An agenda conveys preparation to the client. An agenda creates expectations, order and flow, and defined roles for the meeting.Email the agenda to all attending 1-2 days before the meeting. If additional team members are attending, please be sure to provide your client with their names, titles, and purpose for attending, or a link to their bio. Should your client decide to override your agenda, allow them to take the lead; the purpose of this first meeting is for you to listen to what they have to say.

3. Have Professionalism!

We learned these basics in kindergarten: be polite, courteous, and friendly to all. Unless food is provided for everyone, don’t eat during your meeting. Turn off electronic devices. If you must leave your cell phone on, make sure it is silenced and put away. Avoid side conversations. If applicable, make eye contact.

4. Always be attentive

Ask for permission to take notes.  Assign one person to take notes.  All others should focus on the client. When appropriate, paraphrase and confirm what your client has told you.  Acknowledge your interest by commenting, “Great Point!” Or, “I See,” etc. When your client is done talking, review your list of unanswered questions with them.

5. Follow Up

The next day, send a follow-up email.  The email should thank them for meeting with you, provide a brief summary of the meeting discussions, and propose next steps.

Need more advice on having a successful client meeting? Check out this Namaste Nourished article on micro habits. 

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