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Commenting – 3 Steps To Grow Your Blog Exposure And Contacts

If you really want your blog to thrive you are going to have to think outside the blog. Commenting on other blogs to gain exposure and contacts is a great option. We would likely assume that in order to increase our exposure and grow our subscribers we should spend our time working diligently on our own blog and its content. It goes without saying that in order for your blog to be successful you’ll have to put the time and energy into it to make sure that it has both quality content and is visually stimulating. However, don’t discount the effectiveness of commenting on others blogs just yet. Here are 3 steps to help you grow your blog exposure and contacts through commenting.

1. Get Yourself Out There By Commenting

The assumption that all of the hard work has to be done within your own blog is detrimental to your blog’s success. The truth is that you not only have to get your blog out there, but you have to get yourself out there. The more you expose yourself, what you have to offer, and your witty commentary; the more people are going to recognize you. When they find themselves on your page they are more likely to stay a while because they already have a sense of who you are and your words are already familiar to them. The best way to think about commenting on another blog is to equivocate it to leaving your stamp (or URL) on every blog and site you visit.

2. Commenting In The Right Way

When speaking of commenting on other blogs, that absolutely does not mean that you should spam other blogs and websites with commercial-like comments that include a link back to your own website. No one wants to click on those links and everyone can see a spammer from a mile away. Doing that isn’t going to bring traffic to your site it is going to do just the opposite and make your site and your name synonymous with spam. Which is the last thing you want your blog associated with.

Instead, you should make it part of your routine to check out the competition. Blogs that have a similar theme or reader genre as your own are a great place to start. Not only will you be supporting your fellow bloggers (which will encourage them to support you) but you will also be exposing yourself to your target audience. Make sure that you keep your comments civil and non-controversial unless of course that’s what you are going for then, by all means, troll on.

You can also make reference to your own blog without copying and paste your link over and over. Working your similar view or post into the conversation should be rather easy if you are seeking out other blogs like yours. It will be much easier for you to bring relevant commentary to the table if you are addressing a subject that you are passionate about. That passion will show through to other readers and followers and bring them to your work.

3. Stronger Together

A successful blog needs subscribers and exposure. You can absolutely go at it alone but why would you when you can have an awesome support team. Being a well-known part of the blogging community is just as important as being a well-known blogger. People often form friendships and bonds with others through blogs and forums that they frequent. Having that sense of community makes people feel like they are a part of something special. When you are an active part of that community people start to respect you and see you as familiar. Having that connection and familiarity makes readers feel like they already have a connection with you. They will be more open to what they read from you and more likely to follow.

What are suggestions when it comes to commenting on others blogs to gain exposure and contacts? We would love to hear them, so drop them in the comments below!

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