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Concentrate on a Concentration Plan

My head is swimming with thoughts. What have I forgotten to do? Did I get everything my son needs for school? Why can’t I keep my house clean? What do I need to take out for dinner? What am I going to blog about this week?

The thoughts… they come and go, like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, just not that calming and definitely, not peaceful. They continue throughout the day and don’t appear to ever take their exit. It doesn’t matter how much time I try to spend focusing on other tasks; they are still there… taunting me.

It doesn’t happen all the time… who am I kidding? It happens MOST of the time. I have great intentions, I promise.

What helps increase concentration?

So now, I’ve taken to researching the topic. At least if I’m going to have issues concentrating, let it be while reading about concentrating, right?


They’ve found environment plays a huge factor in concentrating. They suggest making yourself comfortable and creating a “welcoming” environment in order to improve concentration. I think I’ve created this. I have a great work area, with a comfortable chair and a good desk. My area is clear of clutter and suitable for productive work… so I don’t think this is my issue.

Background Sounds

There is a suggestion of having a soothing sound such as instrumental music or a sound machine playing in the background as this can help to mask the sound of external noise and keep a nice low hum going while you work. Here’s my only issue with that one; that “external” sound they speak of? It’s not so external with me, as I’ve explained before… it’s originating inside my own head! I’ve never thought of “white noise” playing in the background though so maybe I should try that instead of Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse blaring from the speakers while I plug away. Note to self… ocean waves or thunder storms, a must.


Nutritional tips are in this article as well and I do believe they have some good points here. Drinking water, and eating breakfast both make sense as once I start to drag or get hungry, my mind does seem to wander. So, one must remember this point. Our brains need proper nutrition to do their jobs and once they start to feel neglected, they can no longer operate at peak performance.


Finally though, I appear to have found my answer(s). It’s in the “mindset” section. Thankfully, as I was beginning to think I was all on my own with this issue of mine, there is a light at the end of my confusing little “mind” tunnel. Setting aside time to deal with the worries each day, they state. Ahhhh, brilliant! It suggests having a notepad on your desk and as the thoughts come up, writing them down so that you can address them at a later time that you’ve set aside in your day to deal with these “issues”.

Maybe it’s 15 minutes in the middle of the day, or an hour at the end but it’s written down and you know you’ll address it. I love this idea! Usually I just store my worries in a little database in my brain and then I like to just keep re-addressing it like a slow moving carousel ride that I can never get off…. No longer, I exclaim!

Today, I’m going to try these suggestions and see how I do. Want to give it a shot with me? I’ve got my glass of water, and I’ve shut off Pandora opting for the white noise of the Amazon forest. Finally, I’ve got my list and I’ve started it off with glasses! Oh my gosh, I have to schedule the family for eye appointments! Day, get ready…. I’m coming!

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