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Creative Blog Approaches – 4 Ways to Make A Big Impact

Finding new and creative blog approaches can be a great outlet, a way to get exposure for your company page, and even profitable. Doing a google search on just about any topic is more likely to provide links to more blogs than news articles. That’s great news for bloggers but it also means the competition is tough. In order to stand out and keep yourself engaged, you need to get creative with your blogging. I’ve rounded up some ways that you can spice up your blog!

1. Change

This is a simple concept but can yield growth in more than one way. Changing up the way you write, your topics, your style, even just your background will add new life to your blog. If you pay attention to your stats when making changes, you’ll be able to determine what your subscribers like best. If something is hard to read, confusing, or there just isn’t a lot of interest in it then you’ll be able to see that in your numbers. It’s important for you as the blog writer because it’s going to challenge you and keep you interested. There is also a lot of potential to expand your skill set.

If you start out with a very basic blog and learn as you go how to edit, add HTML, use different programs, experiment with new features, and how to SEO optimize then you will be growing right along with your creative blog. Being open and ready to make changes also lets you experiment with things that you may not have normally been exposed to. Go out on a limb and write about those silly or controversial topics, take some time and learn about graphics and play with your style. Don’t be afraid of change. Keep your blog style evolving and surprising.

2. Go Digital

Another great way to hone more than just your writing skills, and create a more creative blog, is to jump out of the text and try a vlog posts instead. This doesn’t have to be something that you always do. But, if you have a topic that you feel really passionate and excited about then it is a great chance to show that enthusiasm through video. Your audience will connect with your voice and facial expressions and really be able to feel the emotion behind your words. While spicing up your blog you are also working on your presentation skills, public speaking, and if you want to go for it even your video editing skills.

There are lots of ways that you can add digital flair to your blog. You can try audio clips, animations, interviews, live feeds, or just add in links to other places that you are active such as Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Giving your audience a different way to view your ideas, opinions, business, or sparkling personality will be a fresh change that your audience will favorite you for.

3. Hidden Talents

There is no rule that states that blogs are only for writing. You can use your blog to showcase any talent that you have. If you are an exceptional artist, then show your work! You can create custom one of a kind backgrounds, add drawings that correspond to your blog, create your own avatar, or just add a link on your page to show your artwork. The possibilities are endless.

Are you so crafty that your Pinterest Board is more popular than Krispy Kreme? Do you have a voice that can hang with Adele? Maybe you are the statewide undefeated yo-yo champion three years running? Maybe not. Regardless of what talents, interests, or hobbies that you have you can find a way to bring them to your blog. You can add a section for those interests or have a running theme for a certain day of the week or month that you change up your blog to focus on that talent. The important part is to have fun with it.

4. Showcase Your Audience

It’s your blog but it doesn’t have to be all about you. There are many ways to involve your viewers that can be fun and spike your popularity as well. Have a contest for best submission and host the winner by giving them a plug to their own blog. You can have your viewers participate in surveys related to anything from enlisting feedback, serious topics, to silly anonymous surveys. Let your viewers ask questions and post your answers. Interview a reader with an interesting story or accomplishment and post it to your blog. You’ll be changing up the daily routine while also getting your subscribers involved. They will know that you care about them and they will come back to stay involved.

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Do you have creative blog approaches that you’ve found useful? Drop them in the comments below!

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