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Daily Routines – Setting Yourself Up for Everyday Success

For most of us, daily routines usually don’t require much forethought.  We get out of bed, eat, get dressed, brush our teeth, and start our normal day to day grind.  Most of us don’t put much thought into doing it; we just do it. We also don’t spend much time thinking about how our daily routines affect our everyday success or even attribute any of our success to what seems to be just everyday mundane and mediocre routines. However, your everyday routine can be directly linked to your daily success, and ensuring you set yourself up for that success by building a great routine is quite simple.

Fuel Your Day

A healthy breakfast will help your mind and body gear up for a successful day. Start out with some light food such as yogurt, granola, and fruit. Try to avoid foods high in fat and sugar. These foods will make your body feel sluggish or may make you crash a few hours later. Ensure that you continue to make healthy choices throughout the day to keep your mind sharp and body energized. This will give you the much needed energy and focus your body and mind will need for a successful day.

Plan Your Day

Take a moment to write out the top 3 most important things that you need to do for the day. Don’t spend this time focusing on everything that needs to be done for the week. Avoid getting yourself overwhelmed by all of your to-dos and just spend your time focusing on your top 3 priorities. This will allow you to focus your mind on accomplishing those tasks. Setting yourself up with a manageable list to accomplish for the day will allow you to focus, leading to success by accomplishing those specific tasks.


Another way to boost your amount of energy for the day is by doing a simple exercise first thing in the morning. It should be something that is simple enough for you to do that does not drain all of your energy. You don’t want to be worn out before you start your day. You want this light exercise to help you feel energized and help you clear your mind for the tasks ahead.

Challenging Tasks First

Do the tasks that you find most challenging or least desirable first. This will help you avoid procrastination. By doing them first this will also ensure that you use your energy and motivation at its peak and will help you complete these tasks at your performance levels are optimal.

Balancing Act

Balancing your working life and daily life—and doing it well—is a huge contributing factor to having daily routines that foster everyday success. If you are not treating yourself to things you enjoy, burn-out will quickly follow and hinder how successful you feel each day. Do something that makes you feel motivated, inspired, or pumped up and do it every day!  You need to balance work success with personal success in order to achieve a routine of everyday success.

You can achieve everyday success by building a routine that sets you up for it! Eating healthy, planning your day, exercising, doing your most challenging tasks first, and rewarding yourself each day with something you enjoy are great ways to set yourself up for everyday success.

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