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De-Stressing: What Are Your Go-To Ways To Calm Down?

I’m sitting in the San Diego airport, thinking about de-stressing, and looking out the window at the beautiful day and taking in the trip. It was my sisters 40th birthday this weekend and I went “home” to surprise her. It was lovely and one of those memories I’ll have for my entire lifetime.

I try to schedule time for myself each day; I hide in the bathroom…. It’s the place that everything slows and the sounds of my day quiet down. I only hear the water, and smell the essential oil of the day; lavender or ylang ylang. I close my eyes and put a hot wash cloth over my face. It doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes or a half hour…. It’s all mine and nobody can take that time from me.

Last week, we talked about calming down when people or situations take the wind out of your sails. This week, I want to know how you relax. Do you schedule time in your day that is just yours? Do you build your stress level for weeks until you just can’t take anymore and shut down? Or maybe you schedule a vacation and the planning alone keeps you motivated through the daily grind.

What do you do to make sure you are de-stressing? How do you relax?  Share your ideas in the comment section!

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