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Disliked Business Practices

So, my plan to write a post every Sunday night didn’t last long. In fact, I didn’t even make it to week 2. I feel like I should chastise myself, but I just remind myself that building a business takes time and effort.  I do look forward though to the day that I can take the luxury of writing on a regular basis. Thoughts that have been on my mind these past 2 weeks have been on previous jobs, and what I liked or what I didn’t like.

This week I’m covering some of the dislikes….

One practice I’ve noted was an unfair compensation to “worker bees”. During one annual review I actually received a 5 cents raise. Yep, this was an annual raise and it was also after an exemplary review.

Another was the point of Christmas bonuses. One company gave us $25 (small company) and said they wished they could do more. Then showed up the next day bragging about paying cash for the pair of new BMW motorcycles and celebrating their record profits for the year.

I like the idea of paying it forward. I look forward to being the boss that never forgets everyone who helps let me do what I love to do each and every day.

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