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Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Relieve Stress for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The holidays are a crazy time for everyone. Hiring a virtual assistant to help you through this crazy time is a great answer to relieving your holiday stress! Even if you are double-checking your list you probably still find yourself running into a Target, Walgreens, or Walmart grabbing a gift card that you somehow forgot to get. Forgetting to add little Timmy’s holiday play to your calendar is another issue. So why not treat yourself this year to an early present?

However, you may be wondering who would take a job that may only be six weeks long?  The truth is there are a lot of people looking for extra work this time of year.  Not only does it benefit you, it benefits your virtual assistant as well. It’s a win-win! Here are just a couple great ways you can use a virtual assistant for the holidays.

Hiring for Client Outreach

Everyone wishes they had more time or an extra set of hands during the holiday season.  This is exactly why you hiring a virtual assistant for your business can help.  One of the many ways you can use them is to have them reach out to your most trusted and loyal clients and have them extend a thank you and show of appreciation for their business.  This will be well received by your clients and much appreciated.  You can also have your assistant field calls from those elite clients and make sure they are getting their questions answered during the busiest time of year.  This is a great proactive approach and will put your mind at ease knowing that you are not neglecting your most important clients.  It will allow you to still stay focused on any new endeavors you may have and planning for the new year.

Hiring for Holiday Cards

Believe it or not, there is a proper etiquette in the holiday card world that a lot of people follow.  If you are lacking time to write and send cards personally, your virtual assistant can do it for you and send them to all your clients and personal contacts.  This will allow you to ensure that those you have received a card from has been sent one in return.  Your clients, family, and friends will appreciate it.

Many follow the rule that if after two years they do not receive a card from someone that they traditionally send a card to they cross that person off their list. Your virtual assistant can help you here to ensure you are not banished to the land of misfit toys or should I say blacklisted from receiving holiday cards!

Hiring for Personal Tasks

Your virtual assistant can help you with many of your personal holiday needs.  They can help you maintain your busy social calendar of work and personal parties or any other season specific tasks or events that you need to have scheduled. If you need online shopping done they can assist you and even help you take advantage of special dates for online sales.  You can use your assistant to track down the best prices and which sites include free shipping on items.

Unfortunately, the one thing a virtual assistant won’t be able to assist you with is wrapping the gifts. So, if that’s a pain point for you they can help find a solution. They can find places that offer services such as your local mall and may even be able to find deals. Some places offer gift wrapping in exchange for a charitable donation or offer gift wrapping with your purchase.

To find out more ways a virtual assistant can help you, click here!

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