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How to Tap into Your Personal Potential

Potential is a word that sometimes gets thrown around in such a way that it kind of feels like an insult.  It’s usually when someone is telling you you’ve got it only because you aren’t giving it.  You’re hearing what you want to hear and don’t want to hear at the same time.  It’s confusing, it’s disheartening, and it can also be counterproductive.  If you really think about what potential means and how you want to be perceived personally then it can really be an inspiring concept.  Your personal potential is limited only by you and no one else.  You have the ability to take it as high and as far as you want.  The key is knowing how to tap into your own personal potential.

What is Potential?

Your personal potential is your own unique skill set. You use them to achieve the things that you want most.  It’s unique to you and what you can accomplish with it is also dependent 100% on you and what you want.  It’s using your natural talents, your positive characteristics, and abilities to reach your highest level of achievement.  It may be using a talent to earn credibility, fame, fortune, or just personal satisfaction.  It could be using your unwavering determination to study, achieve, or excel in the field of your choice.

Do I have it?

Of course, everyone has it!  The problem is that not everyone taps into it and usually because they don’t realize that it is there.  We are each unique and have different and wonderful things to offer.  The key is finding the things that make you special, the things that make you stand out, the things that come naturally to you.  Once you know that you have it you just have to dig in to find out exactly what it is.


To really dig in and find your personal potential, you need to ask yourself some questions.  What is most important to you?  Do you have long-term goals, what are they?  What makes you feel happy and fulfilled?

Then take some time to reflect on your personal skill set and determine what attributes you already have that you can use to reach your goals.  Find out what aspects you need to work on and think about how you will work on them using your natural strengths.  Always go back to the things that you are confident in and that come naturally to you.  Playing on your strengths will give you an edge in any situation that you approach.


We let things like procrastination, self-doubt, and fear stand in our way.  We allow negative influences such as poor choices, an unhealthy lifestyle, and negative people keep us from really tapping into our best.  Usually, its hurdles like these that are self-caused and keeping you from reaching your full potential. It’s important to eliminate things that don’t serve a purpose to you or that affect you negatively.  You can’t reach your potential if you are focusing on things that aren’t helpful or important.

Have great suggestions on how you have tapped into your personal potential? Please share them in the comments below!

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