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Importance of Personality Assessments

Do you manage a group of people? Want to know more about your learning abilities? Or maybe you want to know the best career path for yourself. Then do I have the answer for you… a personality assessment. By taking  personality assessments you will unveil several attributes about yourself or your team. But how do you use them?

Personality Assessments and Personal Growth

By taking a personality test for yourself, you will begin to understand what qualities and attributes are most effective and where in your life. Take my Myers Briggs type for instance; I am an ESTJ which is the “executive.” After taking the test I realized that others may view me as intimidating, or that I work best in positions at the executive or corporate level. While these may seem like minute observations, they have helped me in determining my career path, adjusting my personality based on those around me, and understanding how to build relationships.

Learning can often be a struggling, but did you know when you take a personality assessment, that you will discover which way you learn best? I personally learn best by having hands on interactions. So I know going into a training, that if I am going to sit and read a handout or brochure, chances are I won’t retain much. But if I perform the acts in a brochure or handout, I will likely understand the training after the first time.

If you are struggling to understand why your gears grind the way they do, try taking a personality test. As this Huffington Post mentions, it feels good to know yourself.

Personality Assessments and Professional Growth

Have you ever had an employee or coworker look at you completely confused? Or maybe you were stuck because you couldn’t build relationships with your co-workers. When I started getting into managing a small group, I was given the best advice to date… have them take a personality assessment. At first I blew it off, but after struggling to connect and understand how my team operated, I gave it a go. After getting their results I was able to develop personalized training, know what motivates them, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and help them build internal/external relationships.

Once you are able to understand your team, and how they function as a unit. You will in turn be able to strengthen your business by knowing where improvement can be made. Does your team’s personality not align with customer service? Are they more introverted and their position needs an extrovert? If you see an improvement can be made to your team but you don’t know how to get there, we can help. Milrich Virtual Professionals has fully qualified and trained virtual assistants that can improve any team.

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