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Keys to your successful business: The follow up and the follow through

There are very few monopolies left in this country today…..most being what is considered “natural monopolies”. These “natural monopolies” exist solely out of necessity, because it would be otherwise disruptive to have too many hands in the cookie jar, so to speak.

In a business market that thrives on competition, it may be overwhelming to try to come up with an idea that can set you apart from the competition. You could sit for hours on end trying to come up with a new gimmick that will give you an edge on the competition. But why go to such extraordinary lengths? Why not focus on being exceptional in the ways that have proven to get business and keep business. Follow up and follow through.

Let’s say you are selling something…..we don’t live in medieval times; you aren’t the only person selling that product. If a consumer is dissatisfied with your product or service, they can go down the block to Joe Shmoe selling almost the same thing for almost the same price. This is why it’s essential for businesses to both follow up and follow through.

Following up and following through are important keys to your successful business on several levels:

1. Responsibility

Consumers are looking for a company that can take responsibility for both the positive and negative. If somebody has had a less than perfect experience with your company, you cannot ignore it and expect that it is going to help you in any way. In fact, it is essential to get in front of complaints and problems to help shape the image that consumers walk away with. If you can change that negative experience into a positive you could very well have a loyal customer or client for life.

2. Care

Think about the last time you purchased something. Did you get a request to fill out a survey? Did the company you purchased from follow up to see how your experience was, or after delivery did they check to see if everything was right? Most large corporations do not because they do not have the resources to do so, but think about the ones that have followed up (and I’m not talking the ones that ask you to take a survey before you have even purchased something). I am sure you can think of one or two, because they stick out in your mind as, “Wow my opinion actually matters here”. This is the type of experience and the level of care we should be providing to clients.

3. Knowledge

You should know what is going on in your business. The worst thing we can say to a client or consumer is “I do not know”. Especially if you are a manager, owner, or sole proprietor. Take some pride in what you do, learn your business, make an effort to know what is going, and do not over promise and under deliver.

Say what you mean and mean what you say……words to live by and I think perfect words to sum up what you should be doing when it comes to following up and following through with clients and consumers.

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