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Marketing Strategies Your Competition Doesn’t Know About

The way you reach your consumers is important. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to get it right. Your goal is likely that you want to reach as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible in the most effective, attractive way possible. And marketing can sometimes be tricky but more often than that it is overdone. Doing what everyone else is doing leaves you drowning somewhere in the middle, never really rising to the surface to be seen or heard. How do you set yourself apart? How do you get a marketing edge? You need to know what marketing strategies that your completion isn’t already doing and may not even know about.

More Than Just a Headline

True, a catchy title will peak interest. But it isn’t always enough. The harsh truth is that more viewers will read ONLY your headline and no content on your page. What if that’s all they see? Are you prepared? Do you feel like it will be enough? Are there ways to hook readers besides clever headlines and exciting subject matter? Upworthy has found a creative way to set its headlines apart. And some people like it, others have some criticism for it, but either way it’s definitely working.

Call-to-Action Upgrade

Most websites use a call-to-action as a marketing strategy. It isn’t a new player in the game. But, there are some new ways that you can get it working better for you. The best strategy here is to start with a simple straightforward approach that isn’t confusing and leaves little room for error. If there is a lot to read then the viewer assumes that they are signing up for something more than they have bargained for.

Position social links in places where your viewers will spend time. Links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc should go below blog posts and popular sections of your page. Be smart when naming your action links. You want it to be something that someone actually wants to click on. Instead of the old “get started now” or “sign up” upgrade to more effective wording such as “make a change” or something fun like “start laughing”.

Casual viewers become subscribers. They start by clicking in one place, they like the page and it links to their Facebook, they share something else and it posts to their Twitter and you really start increasing your visibility. Your content is more familiar, it has more likes, more shares, and more exposure. That’s exactly what you want.

Create a Spin-Off

Spin offs are something that television networks have been doing for quite some time. When they have a hit, have more than one story to tell, or when one or a group of characters develops a following that they weren’t expecting they often develop a spin-off of the original show. It is already familiar to viewers and they know that there is an interest. They cash in on that and create twice the product hoping for twice the winnings. Most of the time the spin-off is not as popular as the original but the great thing about it is that it already has a success to associate it with. They already have their own built in marketer.

The same can be said for you. If you have a topic, product, or specialty that seems to take up a lot of content or has had an equally growing fan base it would be a great time to capitalize on that and create another page dedicated to it alone. You’ll be able to link back and forth, leave cliffhangers, and with a more narrow subject matter, you will get a more dedicated fan base.

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