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Meeting Just To Meet

How many of us have worked or currently work in an environment where our company holds weekly meetings? And most of them are meetings just to meet?  How many times have you thought to yourself that it is uninformative or a waste of your time?

Meeting With a Virtual Assistant

That is not the case when working virtually. You schedule meetings with your company and clients is the precious time that accomplishes objectives and clears up minor discrepancies.

The meetings that we have are extremely informational and built on issues or problems that I and my fellow VA co-workers may be having. The agenda clearly maps out what is going to be discussed and who will be leading those discussions. Once the information is presented we are all free to add to the presentation, ask questions, and give advice or support to one another. 

Our meetings rarely go over thirty minutes. Because they are well organized and serve a purpose for all who are in attendance. All of our meetings are recorded. So we have a chance to go back and review what was presented in case we missed something or just want to review.

Client Meetings

Client meetings are usually once a week and again no more than thirty minutes. Those meetings still contain a personal aspect in which we engage in small talk. About our lives and the people in them but still maintain to stay on topic.

Client meetings are a great way for me and my clients to connect. We discuss projects that have been completed and those that are still unfinished. My client meetings are a little less formal than company meetings. This is due to the lack of an official agenda but we do usually have a brief email dialogue with talking points that need to be discussed beforehand.

When I used to work in a brick and mortar place I would dread weekly meetings. I needed to accomplish other tasks and the things being discussed rarely had anything to do with me. Traditional offices should really take a page out of the VA meeting handbook and limit meetings to only times they are officially warranted!

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