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Organizing Your Home Office – 3 Tips for Working from Home Success

Organizing your home office is a huge part of successfully working from home. Just as you would have your own workspace at an office, you should have your own workspace in your home. It should be equipped with everything you need on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at 3 easy tips to make your more successful when working from home.

1) Organizing with Separate Binders for Each Job

This is particularly important if you hold multiple positions. You should have your workspace organized for each job you do. I’m a binder person. So I have a binder for each job. When it comes to my real estate practice, I have a binder for each area I cover. This makes it easy for me to switch tasks without having a lot of transition time. I like to use binders because I can have all the information that I need on hand, plus more. I separate the binder with tabs and add a notepad to each binder, so any notes I need to take while I’m working stay with the job I’m working on. It’s my one-stop shop.

2) Stay Productive

The whole idea behind organizing your home office is to cut down on unproductive time in your day. There is nothing more disruptive than stopping what you’re doing to search for something. 9 times out of 10, you start searching for something and get distracted by somebody or something that needs your attention, leaving your original task by the wayside. Be prepared. No matter what your job, your home office should always be well stocked with note-taking equipment (paper and pen, tablet, whatever works for you). These are essentials. Make a list of all other essentials and stock up on those as well.

3) Stock Up on Supplies

Also, remember you are in charge of stocking your office, so make sure you have it in your schedule to check on and re-stock your home office. Re-stock before you run out, because if you think having to search for something is disruptive, just think of the even greater disruption of having to go to the office supply store to re-stock when you could be working.

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