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Pinterest Presence – 4 Simple Things To Increase Your Following

It might seem complicated, but increasing your following and your Pinterest presence is easier than you think. Here are 4 simple things to will help you increase your Pinterest presence and following.

#1 – Add a “Follow Button”

The first thing you should do is add a follow button. Like Twitter or Facebook, the follow button will increase awareness and gain followers to your site. You can easily add a Pinterest Follow button or embed the HTML code from the Pinterest.

#2 – Use Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your description will draw your pins out and allow more people to find them. When putting keywords in your description make sure the description and keywords accurately represent what you have pinned.

# 3 – Board Placement

The best place for a board is in the middle of the top row. This is the “hot spot” to place your most interesting and eye-catching pins. You have the ability to adjust the placement of your boards as you add new ones. When you add a new board it is automatically placed at the bottom of the list, you want to pull your fresh new boards to the top. A little tip, if you keep your board a secret, no one will be able to see your pins until you have completely filled the board with what you feel will attract the most followers.

#4 – Pin Often

The best way to increase your followers and your Pinterest presence is to pin often and share your pins with the community of Pinterest. People do not have to follow you to see your pins or your boards. If they are searching for an idea and your pin shows up, then they will be able to see your other boards and start following you.

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