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Social Media: A Small Business Owner’s Best Friend!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Many small business owners are unaware of the impact social media has on today’s consumers. Even SBOs who are aware can be too busy to research what, when, and how often to post, as well as how to consistently manage these social media platforms.

An SBO’s priorities tend to be focused on meeting the demands of existing customers, and less on generating new business. However, to achieve long-term business success, generating new business and creating brand awareness is vital. Social Media is an effective tool for helping meet these goals.

Benefits of Social Media:

  1. Reduce Marketing Costs!  How much was that print ad?  At least make it worth the dollars spent by directing customers to your social media sites.  Social Media is FREE, and it allows the use keywords and the ability to target different demographics.

  2. Want first page ranking on Google?  So does every other business.  While Social Media cannot make this guarantee, actively engaging in your SM accounts helps with SEO and rankings.

  3. Improve Customer Communication. Social Media allows customers to communicate with you, and provides a public forum to address issues. Professional responsiveness offers customer satisfaction and allows the public to see how you conduct business.

  4. Create an online personality. Consumers want to know your business has a human side. How do you interact? How do you give back? What are some of your success stories? This is the appropriate form for this content.

  5.  Develop relationships with other businesses. Networking and creative strategy can be key to growing your business.

  6. Let Your Customers Create The Buzz. Like children taking their friend’s word over the advice of their parents, consumers seek validation from peers. SM platforms allow your customers to brag about you, and offer suggestions on how to improve.

  7. Show the public you’re an expert! Offer tips and solutions to current public issues. Communication and education is key to boosting your company’s credibility and client confidence.

Even with these tips, what if you still don’t have the time to research and post, or the knowledge of when to post, how many times to post, or when posts are most effective?

We have a solution for you! Hire us. We meet with you to create content, and the rest is left to us.  You are only charged for the time it takes us to complete the work.

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