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Spring Cleaning Your Office – Gain More Time By Getting Organized

Did you know that there are studies that say the average person wastes an hour a day due to being disorganized? That is six full weeks a year and one really long and lovely vacation you could be taking instead of pulling your hair out looking for a spreadsheet or even a pencil! So what can we learn from this and how can we put it to good use? Spring cleaning your office is just one great way to start, let’s take a look!

Clear The Clutter

Clean out the old files; archive what needs to be kept, and shred/toss your old documents. Clutter can even take the form of E-Clutter so get into those email boxes and get to filtering! You may even have ideas hidden away in some of those folders or lost contacts that you need to re-connect with. Get into your computer desktop folders and see what’s been hiding in there as well. I guarantee there’s information just taking up memory/space.

Create An Efficient Filing System

Grab a stack of papers and let’s get started! Ask yourself the following questions; do I need this? Why? Where will I look for it when I do need it? Create a system that works best for you based on those answers. Make sure this system will work for you consistently by using it or we’ll be right back here again in six months!

Organize Your Desk

Make space for items that you use often. Your laptop, pens, paper, planner;  they all need that honored spot on your desk so allow them to have a reserved area all to themselves, all the time! The other “stuff;” tape, paper-clips, and envelopes can have a nice little place in the drawer.

Liven Things Up

Consider adding some new paint, blinds or new furniture to change life up a little. Do you have a vision board or pictures that take you to your “happy” place? Post them! Switch it up and make it a place you love to be in! You spend most of your time in your office, so make it yours!

Do you have a favorite spring cleaning tip for your peers? I could definitely use more, and I’m sure we would all appreciate any tips, so please share them below. In the meantime, trash, file, and enjoy!

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