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Staying Productive When Working Away From Home – 4 Simple Tips

What can you do to be productive when working away from your home base?

I’m writing today from California and it is beautiful here, as always.  I’m mere blocks from the beach, sitting on the back patio, listening to kids play in the pool and the wind rustling through the palm trees. I’ve been two a wedding, a baby shower, the beach, and visited with my best friend since seventh grade so far. I’ve had a wonderful time and I have days left still.

What I love most, is that for the first time in a very long time, I’m not feeling stressed out. We got a timeshare this time and I’m not staying with family. I know this sounds awful, doesn’t it? But, family causes unnecessary anxiety for me. My family and our routine is shifted into one of utter chaos, and I find myself trying to appease everyone else. I can’t work when I need to, wake and move when I want to, and I’m constantly telling my son to be quiet, not to play so rough with his cousins, and pick up immediately for fear someone might have an issue with anything. It’s not fun. And, it’s not a “vacation” by any means.

I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been in terms of working and I feel great. I’ve been able to fit time in between my play and relaxing; whether it be at two am, four am, or three pm. I still have a structured and workable routine and it’s what works for me. I’m here to tell you, it can be done. Am I at the pool all the time or playing ping pong (which is what the family is doing now)? No. But what’s nice is that I can prioritize when I want to play and when I need to work.

Tip #1 – Keep a routine

I choose to work when the family is asleep or doing other things; this way, I have no interruptions and I don’t hear the “but mom…” I’ve had the same routine all week and so far, so good!

Tip #2 – Prioritize to stay productive

What is it you really want to do on vacation. As I said before, ping pong? That’s just not my idea of vacation fun. So, I’ll work instead. Now, beach time? Oh yeah! I’m there! Explain that to the family and they’ll understand that you’re choosing to spend that quality time with them so no one is missing out!

Tip #3 – Don’t over commit

This goes for both work and personal time. If you know you aren’t going to have the time to get that data entry job done because you really, really want to go to Disney? Then just don’t take the job. If there is a job you have a deadline for, and you’ve committed to completing it? Same thing. Don’t commit to meeting up with your high school buddies for drinks.

Tip #4 – Set a curfew

Sometimes you need to work a little less to be more productive. If you give yourself two hours a few times throughout the day, stick to it. You’ll be more likely to turn off that excess “noise” and get to the work at hand.

Have fun! I think you know how to do this!

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