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Subscribers – 8 Tips for Gaining New Ones and Building Your List

Drawing subscribers to your blog or company website can seem like an overwhelming task at first. You put up the content, you manage the content, and you know the content is awesome. But, where are the subscribers? Getting your site or blog out there by building your subscriber list doesn’t require a team of social networking gurus and it doesn’t have to take forever to see results. There are some easy tips to get your audience subscribing and you thriving. Here they are:

1. Maintenance and Appeal

No one will want to subscribe if your site takes forever to load, has links that don’t work, pictures that aren’t available, and a confusing layout. Take the time to test out the links and presentation of your emails and site. Enlist the help of friends or coworkers to test it out. If you are still unsure you can use a resource such as UserTesting to get some completely unbiased feedback on your design and ease of use.

2. Promote Within

Make sure that any email, newsletter, promotional flyer, etc. that you send out has all the links to your site or blog and your social networking sites. Having these links readily available will increase your shares and likes; thus increasing your subscribers.

3. Social Networking

Make sure that you are getting good use of those links! Use your social networking such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter to promote your site or blog. Post material, special offers, or giveaway and engage your audience through these social media venues. Make sure your bio on each site includes all of your links as well.

4. Collaborate

Collaborate with colleagues, friends, or sites with like-minded material to add links to their sites and vice versa. This gets you more exposure and leads to more subscribers. You may also want to offer special promotions between sites to get the buzz going.

5. Collect Wherever You Go

Make sure that you are utilizing meetings, webinars, and conferences to collect email address. You can collect them while networking at an event or by hosting your own webinar and requiring the information. If you are open to paid options, you can invest in a paid search to ask for email signup on your homepage.

6. Freebies for Subscribers

Offer free information, consultation, resources, tools, samples, or products and require email signup. Nothing draws people in like a good deal and there is no better deal than free. Give them a reason to keep coming back for more that doesn’t require them to open their wallet.

7. Placement

Include email signup bars strategically on your site. Your header and/or footer of the site, your About section, and next to pertinent articles, ads, or blog entries on your site that get a lot of attention.

8. Content Appeal

Keep your content fresh, relevant, and don’t overwhelm your subscribers. There’s nothing to push people to hit the unsubscribe button like clogging their inbox with unneeded and repetitive mail. If you have a lot of content to share you may want to give your subscribers a choice between daily emails and weekly wrap-ups. You can also specify sending times to before and after the workday to increase the chances of exposure.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to us! Find out how we can help by clicking here!

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