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Success Oriented Goals – 3 Steps for Achievement

We set success oriented goals to achieve everything from the mundane to the extraordinary. They may be personal or professional; short-term or long-term. Regardless of the type of goal, the desired outcome is the same. We want those goals to net some type of success.  The aim is that through reaching those goals we get closer to our ideal personal or professional situation.  The problem is that sometimes our goals are counterproductive or simply fall short of producing the success we were hoping for. If you really want the success you deserve you have to ensure that you are setting success oriented goals that will get you there. So, how exactly do you create success oriented goals? Let’s take a look!

1. Believe in Your Own Success

The first step in creating success oriented goals is believing that success is possible. You have to believe in yourself and see your potential in order to get there. Believing in yourself promotes confidence and visualizing a successful end to your efforts boosts your motivation. Being confident that you are capable of success leaves no room for failure. Tackling something knowing that you will succeed instead of hoping that you will succeed helps you view any hindrances, doubts, and struggles for just what they are; part of the process.  Continue to visualize and trust in a successful end throughout the process of goal setting and task completion so that you stay motivated and focused.

2. Set Milestones

Achieving a tough or long-term goal can give you that instant rock star feeling that is hard to duplicate.  It’s an amazing feeling that not only boosts your self-esteem and motivation but also ensures that you are always pointed towards success. While you may not be able to conquer a huge goal every day you can keep that feeling going by setting smaller goals or milestones while you are working to achieve a larger goal. This keeps you on your toes, continuously striving to achieve more, and feeling like a constant success. The feeling of success will always be fresh and each success will have a higher and higher reward. That reward may be something that comes physically, in the form of a promotion, an award, or just a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

3. Be Realistic

There is definitely something to be said for aiming high. But, if you set a goal that isn’t realistic then you may just end up feeling constant pressure and disappointment. Set goals with a practical balance so that they are both attainable and challenging. You should identify a clear plan and be able to anticipate the milestones along the way. This doesn’t mean that you have to sell yourself short, just make sure you have a plan that’s doable.

It’s especially important to be realistic while mapping out the steps you will take to reach a goal. Having a plan that you feel comfortable with will help you avoid setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Once your plan is in place you’ll have a rough idea of not only what it’s going to take to be successful but how long it may take to get there. Don’t let finding the right balance intimidate you. Once you get started you can always break up any steps that feel overwhelming, adjust any time expectations, or set more ambitious goals if you find that you have set the bar too low. It’s important to always keep striving to be the best version of yourself and stay focused on success.

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