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Take Your Children to Work Day

Is “Take your Children to Work Day” a good thing?

When I think about the idea of “Take your Children to Work Day,” I immediately cringe. It is so easy to pick out all of the negative connotations that surround this day. I can remember this day being a farce from beginning to end during my “pre-kid” days.

Co-workers would bring their children in and some of them would be disruptive or make unnecessary noise. Little to no work was actually accomplished and it felt like a wasted day. I can remember thinking that I could have accomplished more at home than I had by coming into the office.

Once I had my own children I didn’t think about bringing them to work. I didn’t want them to be the annoying kid or the reason for the lack of productivity. Ultimately, I didn’t want them there because I didn’t see the value for them and I didn’t feel it was worth the hassle for me.

The benefits of taking your child to work

My stance on “Take Your Child to Work Day” has changed since my son has gotten older and I’ve had the opportunity to share the experience with him. This day is what the younger generation needs in order for them to be successful when they get older. I saw a tremendous amount of value in the experience he had by joining me at work. It felt like he truly understood that mommy doesn’t go home and “play” when he is at school but that she is doing something similar to what he is doing in school.

It helped show him a connection with attending school and future employment. I feel it allowed him to see the purpose in his school day more clearly. I also feel that this day allowed my son to understand that I work hard for him and that the vacation we take, the toy he receives, or the new clothes we buy are due to the fact that his mommy works hard for him.

So, if you don’t have children yet, try to enjoy those who are being brought to work because one day the shoe may be on the other foot. When that shoe is on the other foot you will be able to enjoy your little guy at work with you and appreciate those around you who help your child understand what goes into a day’s work.

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