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Telecommuting – Eliminating Distractions With A Change Of Scenery

When telecommuting, avoiding distractions while working from home is like climbing Mt. Everest for most. Distractions are everywhere! A pile of laundry, a crying baby, and the pull of Netflix can all be small interruptions in your workday. Instead of surrounding your workspace with diversions, try venturing out with a change of scenery to eliminate distractions. Here are a few different places you can try.

Telecommuting at Coffee Shops

Coffee shops can provide a much-needed oasis from the stress of working from home, with the added bonus of coffee confections at your disposal. The new environment can energize a boring workday (the caffeine helps too!) and breathe new life into stagnated creativity. Although coffee shops can provide a new set of distractions, you’re more likely to focus when you don’t have a looming “to-do” list of home projects right in front of you. You can put in a pair of headphones, sip on herbal tea or coffee, and focus on work-related tasks. In fact, this post is being written from the comfort of a Starbucks.

Telecommuting at The Library

The library can also be an excellent place to get some work done. The quiet environment has a soothing ambiance and is a great setting to help increase productivity. Although you have to bring your own coffee (bummer), the atmosphere provided by most libraries is quieter than that of the average coffee shop. This can assist you in putting your nose to the grindstone.

Telecommuting at a Shared Workspace

This is not a new concept but has become increasingly more popular over the last decade. Co-working spaces provide users with their own workspace, Internet, conference rooms and more. They give entrepreneurs and freelancers an office-like environment with the freedom to come and go as they please. The popularity of co-working space is growing at a rapid pace and is a much cheaper option than renting an office space.

It doesn’t matter where you find sanctuary, telecommuting can be easy and rewarding if you can find a work environment that helps you remain on task.

What other places great places do you venture to, while telecommuting, to get a change of scenery? Share them in the comment section below!

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