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The Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

We live in a high-tech world with unlimited means of communication, connection, and opportunities. More and more companies are connecting through web services and video chats so that they can meet with clients more frequently and more personally even when they are considerable distances apart. This allows companies to reach out to not only more clients but the clients that they want. It also allows those companies to dip into the remote workforce and hire a virtual assistant.

There are any number of benefits for the employer in hiring a virtual assistant, but what benefit does it have for the virtual assistants themselves? Why would anyone leave the office for a virtual position?

What you won’t miss:

1. No more traffic jams – Some of the best perks of being a virtual assistant just might be all the things that you’ll be leaving behind. There’s no more commute to work. That means no more drudging through snow, ice, wind, etc. to reach the office. No more road rage, speeding tickets, or road construction. The only obstacle between you and your work day is you.

2. No more suit –  Something else that you won’t miss from the office is the dress code. Casual Friday? How about causal any day! While it does feel better to dress nice every now and then, it is definitely not required. If you want to show up to work with an unintentional messy-bun or worn-out band t-shirt three days this week, go right ahead! We won’t tell!

3. Only you in your office – Though working from home as a virtual assistant comes with its own set of distractions, an unexpected bonus that you won’t be missing from your old job is your co-workers. Okay, I’m not saying you won’t miss any of them. But, let’s face it sometimes it’s hard to get things done when there’s another office birthday or you’ve got an annoying neighbor that seems to never have any actual work to do. You’ll be able to socialize with whomever you want whenever you want.

What you’ll get:

1. Flexible schedule – The most obvious and glorious perk of working from home as a virtual assistant is the flexibility. Most virtual assistant jobs allow a great deal of room for flexibility or allow you to set your own hours. That means that scheduling doctor appointments, haircuts, or running a forgotten lunch to school will not be a hassle. It also means that if an emergency comes up that pulls you away from work you are able to give it your full attention and come back to your work when things settle down.

2. No restrictions on breaks and vacations – Gone are the days of scheduling your life around your job and fighting co-workers for coveted holidays off. Along with the flexibility of hours comes the flexibility of breaks. There are days when my dog demands a 10am walk, and that’s okay. There are days that errands beckon or I’m feeling kind of blah and need some fresh air, and that’s okay too! I choose when to take a few minutes and pick right back up when I’m ready.

3. Working from anywhere – Speaking of that fresh air, something truly irreplaceable that comes with being a virtual assistant is the ability to assist from just about anywhere. As long as you can take your computer and/or phone, you’ll be able to get your work done. Yes, that means a hotel room, your patio, living room, office, or anywhere else that you choose. Emails that come in before 8am? I often answer those from my bed with a cup of coffee in one hand.

4. You organize your own office – Last, but not least, is the creativity. Your office, wherever you chose to place it, is your own. You can organize and decorate it the way you see fit. You can create your own spreadsheets or be a post-it fanatic. There’s a lot more room for the ‘you’ in your job when you don’t have to deal with office policies or politics.

If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a virtual assistant, please visit our website at

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