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The Changing World of Technology

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Do you remember the landline phone? Yes, the one that hung on the wall that only allowed you to move away a few feet.

I was recently watching a movie made in the 90s, and they showed a scene where the mom was talking on a landline phone. My five year old was watching with me, and he looked back at me and asked what the thing that she was using was.

Technology has advanced drastically from the time when we could mostly only use landline phones. And even from the time when we couldn’t use our phones and Internet at the same time. Now, young kids have cell phones, and we are constantly connected to everyone and everything. It seems that we can always be reached, and we always have phones at our fingertips finding out the latest news in the world and in our lives.

Social media and all of the mobile apps that have come with it only add to the constant connection in our lives. We all know that every business and individual has some sort of website and is connected through social media somehow.

It can be an overwhelming process to get started with online networking and marketing. But these are important steps in getting out there into the world.  Having online searchability can make or break the start-up of a business.

Website design and management, as well as getting businesses on board with all the social media outlets available, are services that the virtual assistants at Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC. are skilled and competent in doing. They can make the constant shift in technology easy and less overwhelming.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you and your business.

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