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Top 3 Workplace Distractions – How to Eliminate Them With Ease

Everyone strives to be more productive than they were last week. At least, that’s how we are around Milrich Virtual Professionals. We believe that productivity is the key to success, however, we know how workplace distractions can hinder our productivity. Being able to juggle the demands of your job can be challenging; however, becoming more productive can ease work-related stress and help you meet deadlines with ease by simply learning to eliminate work-related distractions.

To become more productive, you have to start by outlining what your biggest distractions are and learn to control them. Here is a list of the Top 3 Workplace Distractions and how you can eliminate them!

#1) Social Media Workplace Distraction

Social media is one of the biggest work-related time suckers. Employees spend an average of two hours per day browsing social media channels that are not directly related to their job. That’s a huge chunk of time that could be used in a more productive manner.

If you’re guilty of updating your Facebook status when you should be working toward a looming deadline, put yourself on a social media time-out. Discipline yourself, but don’t cut yourself off cold turkey. This will just lead to more stress, and you will eventually fail. Work toward achievable goals. If you’re an addict, start slowly. Give yourself five minutes an hour to check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. After your five minutes is up, shut it down! Eventually, you can work toward eliminating your social media addiction during your workday.

#2) Workplace Gossip

For some, gossiping with coworkers can hinder productivity. Eliminating workplace gossip has many benefits. First, you will find you have more time to work on projects. Secondly, gossiping is toxic to your work environment. You have heard the phrase misery loves company. This could not be truer. When coworkers avoid gossip the work environment is friendlier, employees tend to collaborate more, and productivity increases.

#3) Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings can also be a huge waste of time. How many meetings have you sat in that have been nothing but regurgitated content from the last meeting? The endless cycle of meetings to discuss action plans that never actually get put into action can be frustrating and a huge waste of employees’ time. If you are victim to the endless meeting cycle, suggest alternatives. Make sure you end each meeting with action items and assign responsibilities to each individual to be evaluated at the next meeting. Eventually, you will see meetings become shorter and some are even eliminated because more work is being done.

If social media, gossiping, and meetings are not your biggest distractions, figure out what is sucking your time and work toward eliminating the disruption. With small steps and changes, you will see your productivity increase!

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