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Using Words to Identify What You Want Out of Life

There are many ways you can use words to identify what you want out of life. Start by thinking about what is it you “want” from your life today? Is it more time? Better communication skills? How about a calm, quiet mind? Why don’t we take some time to figure it out and cultivate your “wants” into “haves?”  I’m going to provide just a few examples here. Pick one, all, or your own.

Write It Down

Find and dust off that trusty little journal of yours and open it up to a blank page. Don’t have a journal? No bother, grab a piece of printer paper… Now, what are you going to write with? I think I’m going to choose a purple crayon. What’d you pick? On the blank page, write “WHAT I WANT…” Did you write in in the middle of the sheet? Upside down? In a big circle? These are your rules remember, and I expect you to break all of the ones you think you “have” to follow. Are you ready? Ok, GO! Just start writing (unedited) for 5 minutes. Done? Now, breathe. Look it over. What do you see?

Get Creative

You know all those nicely stacked magazines you have sitting on your coffee table? Grab ‘em. No, go ahead. I’ll wait. Have you ever looked through the magazines and noticed all the cool words/images that fill the pages? If not, you will today! You’re going to start flipping through page by page,(no articles today) and look for anything that jumps off the page at you. Got one? Now, rip/tear/cut/slice/dice (ok, maybe I’ve gone too far) that little wealth of knowledge right out of the magazine. Whoa. I just got myself all excited! And, heeeere we go…. Tape/glue/sticky dot/spray adhesive/duct tape (why not?) it onto a poster board in any creative way you’d like. Keep going! Fill the page. Ahh, the masterpiece!

Get Technical

Similar to a vision board but for the social media fan base, there is a website called Wordle where you can just type words to your heart’s content. When you’re done, you click on “randomize” and your words are converted into a really cool word cloud. You can even share it with your online friends! I’ve shared my latest one below.

Meditate On It

If you are the more calm and centered type, meditate on it. I often visualize a parade during my meditation to keep my thoughts “in check”. The word/thought enters your train of thought as a float would enter into your line of sight … allow it to pass through without judgment. Acknowledge (the word) and recognize the value it has in your life. As the (word/thought) leaves your train of thought (line of sight), allow it to dissipate so the next word/thought may enter. We don’t want your parade to get jammed up! What discoveries did your calm mind bring forward?

What did you learn about yourself and your wants? Were you surprised or was it validation for you? If you are struggling, go back to your tools. Ask again; maybe you need to change the question? I can tell you when you find the word you need, it will sing to you. Doesn’t that sound just amazing? It will sing…  to you….and to you alone.

I’d love to hear all about your experience! Have other awesome ideas of how you use words to identify what you want out of life? Please share them by dropping them in the comments below.

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