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Virtual Assistants – 6 Helpful Tips for Inspiration and Motivation

Virtual assistants (VAs) are privy to a set of perks that are only available to those working in the virtual world. There’s a level of comfort and flexibility that you just can’t get from the traditional office setting. But, with those perks comes a different set of hurdles than the traditional assistant may face. It may be harder without the office atmosphere to find your motivation each day. Not having face time with your co-workers cuts back on the competitive edge and added feedback that they typically provide. The expectations and demands are the same for the virtual assistant as the assistant that resides inside the office. He or she will need to maintain the same about of drive and dedication regardless of their setting.  How do you find motivation and inspiration working as a virtual assistant?

1. Break the Silence

The virtual world can be a quiet one. It’s a great recipe for hard work and focus, but it is not so great for inspiration for the virtual assistants. Make sure that you reach out to your clients, coworkers, and supervisors on a regular basis. Staying connected is important for your success and will help you feel like you are not alone. It’s good for your mood and for collaboration. Stay engaged with your coworkers in chat, conference calls, through email, or whatever platform your company uses.

2. Organize Team Events

One of the most motivational acts that are often absent from the virtual world is the team events and competition. If your company doesn’t have anything going on, suggest it. Friendly competition and working together for a common cause fosters a team feeling that virtual assistants often feel they are lacking. You want to feel that you are part of a team even when you aren’t working side by side with your coworkers. This could mean a competition between coworkers to meet and exceed common goals or it could be raising awareness for a cause of the company’s choosing.

3. Be Prepared and Stay Prepared

If you have laundry piled up around you, don’t get enough sleep, opt for coffee only instead of lunch, and you report to your virtual position each day in your pajamas no one is likely to catch on. But these types of things are demotivating and can cause a sluggish day. In order to feel inspired during your workday, you need to start that process before it ever begins. Get the rest you need, take care of your health, and don’t let your personal life flow into your work life so that you can stay focused. Taking pride in not only your surroundings but also your appearance can make you feel more confident and motivated. Leaving reminders all around you that you are not ready will just keep you feeling overwhelmed.

4. Virtual Assistants Improvise

There may not always be a way to have a team event or to connect directly with your colleagues so when there are gaps you may need to improvise. Keep yourself inspired and competitive by challenging yourself and setting personal goals. There are ways to incorporate the same sense of community that the traditional office offers into your virtual life. If it isn’t possible to get involved in office activities and organizations then look for ways to get involved in your community. Be creative, get involved socially, and be your own competition.

5. Have a Plan

Working virtually may give you the feeling of more flexibility than you actually have. Make sure that you have a schedule and stick to it. It’s important that you have a morning routine that starts before your workday. You don’t want to cause unneeded distractions by starting and stopping your workday multiple times to get coffee, breakfast, etc.

The more you start and stop the harder it is to stay motivated and the more likely you are to give into temptations along the way. You should get ready for your workday as if you are leaving your home. Take time before you start working to get ready, have breakfast, exercise, or whatever it is that gets you going. Know beforehand what you need to accomplish and what time you will start and stop your day. The more structure you give yourself the better equipt you’ll be to stay motivated and focused.

6. Don’t Neglect Your Personal Life

Avoid getting lost in your work. Working from home leaves a thin line between your work and your personal life. Know when to start and stop your day but don’t get obsessive and work outside business hours so much that it causes you to neglect your personal life. Keeping up with your personal relationships outside of the office is healthy and will leave you feeling more satisfied overall. The more balanced you are overall the more likely you are to feel inspired and motivated.

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