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Virtual Assistants Create the 4 Hour Work Week

How many of you have read Tim Ferris’ book, The 4 Hour Work Week? If you haven’t yet, it’s a great book dedicated to finding the ideal balance between work and pleasure. It’s revolutionary and makes you sit back to evaluate the “rules” you’ve likely followed your entire life. You evaluate how and when you work, it is well worth the read and I suggest it to all who are reading this post, right now.

What I love about his book is he dedicates an entire chapter to the Virtual Assistant and why they are so beneficial in today’s world of business. Honestly, no one really tackles this subject at the level he does and I found it motivating and inspirational to find someone that understands exactly what we do and why we do it.

The life of a virtual assistant

As Virtual Assistants, we make life easier for all involved. We don’t just focus on the small business owner who needs to find someone to create a web design. Or the client needing someone to field his/her calls while scheduling appointments and bringing in leads. It’s about the family that owner goes home to every night, hopefully hours earlier. Or the friends this client can now make time for to see on the weekend. It’s about relationships, health, and quality time. Who doesn’t want that?

Clients hire us for many different tasks, ranging from web design and social media management, to research, graphic design, and task management. As our founder says on our website, “we are a virtual one-stop shop”. This is so true and when people come to us, they want to know that their requests can be handled from conception to inception. That’s what we do. We have the ability to serve our clients in a variety of ways. And it’s such an efficient way to handle business that I have a feeling that in the near future all business owners will have their very own Milrich contractor at their side.

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