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What Does Success Mean to You? – Goal Setting and Keeping Perspective

,Success is subjective and ever-changing.  Think about it for a second.  When you were a teenager dreaming of how successful you would be, was the vision you had in your head of your success the same as it is now?  My guess is no.  Maybe you’ve held on to a portion of that vision. More than likely you have adjusted your idea of what is considered successful based on where you are in life.

When I was planning my future I was certain I was going to be a Forensic Pathologist. This was even before all those shows that featured this profession.  I loved science and loved a good dissection even more!  I was determined, I was going to do it.  Nothing was going to stop me!  EXCEPT maybe the realities of the REAL WORLD!  I enrolled in a pre-med program and after thousands in debt,  trying to make ends meet I had to re-adjust my goals.

A parent may consider success to be getting their child to stop picking their nose or achieving a milestone.  For someone who has become successful in a business venture, their idea of success may be starting a new business venture or expanding a current one.  Whatever your idea of success is the second part of the equation is finding the opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

If your idea of being a success is to have a good work/life balance, you may want to re-think your incredibly stressful and time intensive job.  The tradeoff may be a lower salary or a less prestigious title but if your priority is having that balance then you may have to make some sacrifices to get there.  You may have to choose between money or truly obtaining a healthy work/life balance.  I know everything is not as straightforward and there are always other considerations.  So how do you meet your success goals while being practical and not ignoring the realities of the world?

You can have your idea of success but unless you do something to help propel you towards that vision, you will never reach it.  First set your goals for success then prioritize them by what is most important to you.  Next, formulate a game plan.  Is there something you can do immediately that will help push you toward your goals?  If so implement the change, otherwise, figure out the steps you need to take to start accomplishing each goal.

Goal setting and achieving success will go hand in hand.  Is your idea of success a huge jump from where you currently are in life? Remember to identify smaller goals and celebrate your successes along the way to your long-term vision of a successful you!

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