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What’s a #Hashtag?

You have probably noticed an abundance of people and companies using the pound sign (#) when posting an update on their social media profiles. These are called hashtags, and unless your head has literally been buried in the sand, you know what we are talking about.

So, how are they used?

Use hashtags in a variety of ways. They can indicate an emotion:

“It’s my birthday!” #happy #excited

Use them as a description:

“It’s my #birthday!” #happybirthdaytome

Use a hashtag for an event. Companies can keep their event posts organized, and attendees can connect with other attendees and promote the event:

“I’m at Emily’s birthday party!” #Emsbirthday2014

Hashtags convey sarcasm:

“I am exhausted from dancing all night at Emily’s birthday party.” #feetdonthurt #justkidding #Emsbirthday2014

Hashtags can personalize your posts and also draw attention to what you are talking about. Users of popular social media sites use hashtags to let their fans know how to find them.

If you’re posting about marketing, use the hasthtag #marketing or #businessmarketing. When users search for marketing experts, your tweet or post will pop up with that hashtag. It’s a way to relevant and searchable on the web.

What are some of your favorite hashtags to use?

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