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Working From Home – 4 Major Myths You Need to Consider

The minute I started working from home my friends and former co-workers started asking me to get them “work from home” jobs. The assumption was that there were limitless dream jobs available that were suitable for everyone. The more I talked to them, the more I found their expectations were way off base. So let’s get down to and clear up the confusion. Here are 4 major myths about working from home:

Myth #1: Anyone can do it!

Working from home isn’t something that just anyone can do. I have found that I have to be more disciplined and have more structure to my day since working from home. You have to be self-accountable and motivated. If you are the type of person that gives easily to distractions and procrastinates, then working at home may not be ideal for you. You also need the right set up. I was fortunate to have a home office before I started working from home. Not every job that offers a virtual position provides a work station and not everyone can be successful working on the couch in front of the T.V. or from their bed. Spend some time thinking it out or maybe even experience it before jumping in head first. Just don’t take it for granted because working remotely is a perk of the job.

Myth #2: You’re not REALLY working!

This one was actually the most surprising to me. I’m getting a paycheck, right? I have not found the holy grail of scams where I am able to stay home, do nothing, and yet still collect a paycheck; yet I found that people really assumed that I was just hanging around my house all day. Even my mailman gave me a curious look when he noticed that I was suddenly able to grab the mail when he came by. He even waved and started talking to me through my office window, not noticing that I was at my computer, literally typing and talking as he spoke with a headset extending from my ear to my cellphone. I also began getting requests from family and friends during the day, as if I wasn’t really working.

Companies have started to take note that they can save a ton of money by hiring virtual employees. The number of virtual employees is steadily on the rise and shows no indication of slowing. Not only is the paycheck legitimate but the work is as well. Virtual employees are doing any number of jobs from entry level to CEO and working just as hard as their counterparts in the office.

Myth #3: There’s no schedule working from home.

Oh yes, there is! People assume my job can be done at any time that I chose; just like I started getting requests during normal business hours. Just uttering the words “I’ll be working then” raised eyebrows as if it were merely an excuse to get out of something else. Virtual employees still have deadlines, working hours, conference calls, all adhere to some type of standard schedule. While that schedule may vary based on your employer, the remote employee is still accountable and still “at work”.

Myth #4: You have more time for your personal life.

You’re at home, so why isn’t your house spotless? You work from home; you don’t need childcare! Don’t be fooled, getting your housework completed is nearly impossible when you are actually working from home. I don’t know how many times I’ve rushed back into my office while catching a glimpse of a pile of laundry that I could have sworn was passing judgment on me.

Even though you are working from home, your employer still requires a professional atmosphere. You can’t make a call to a client with Dora the Explorer blasting in the background. You need to schedule your personal life around your work just like you would a traditional job. Imagine you are sitting in your office or cubicle trying to focus on your work. Now imagine it with your three best friends sitting right beside you, or your mother! Or how about three cocker spaniels, a washing machine, and a two-year-old? Wouldn’t work? It doesn’t at home either!

Think working from home is a great fit for you? Check out our careers page here, for open positions!

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