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Workspace – Five Tips for Keeping Your Work Area Productive

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Creating the right kind of workspace environment is essential to success. Regardless of whether you are running a home business or working from home full time, your office needs to be a place that is functional and conducive to productivity. You can take just a few easy steps to make your workspace more productive.

1. Purge

This type of purge is completely nonviolent. Remove anything from your work area that isn’t work related. If you are trying to use your work area as a storage space, laundry haven, or kid-friendly play room then you are just asking for distractions. If your area is a dedicated space, you are more likely to get some actual work done. The fewer distractions and mess, the better. If your work area is mobile and some days you find yourself working from the kitchen table or on the patio then you may need to take some extra steps before starting your work each day and clear the area of things that aren’t necessary.

2. Organize Your Workspace

The work area you create should be organized so that everything you need has a place that not only makes sense but is easily accessible. It’s easy to find great organizational ideas and pointers with sites like Pinterest ( and Etsy( at your fingertips. The key is to keep it functional. You wouldn’t want to store away things that you use every day and you wouldn’t want to have everything that you may need out on your desk or work space. Things that you use together or interchangeably should be housed close together. Again the key here is to keep it simple and you’ll save tons of time and frustration.

3. Workspace Comfort

You can’t spend a considerable amount of time in a space if you are too hot, too cold, or are constantly trying to escape a bright glare on your computer screen. Make sure that you choose a chair that you can sit in for long periods of time if needed. Your climate also needs to be comfortable and reasonable. While working outside may be a luxury available to you, the glaring sun or fall breeze may keep you from getting much work done. If you are inside, make sure to set your thermostat to a comfortable setting. Natural light is best, but sufficient light is a must. Open the windows or add lamps if needed.

4. Decorate

I am not advocating that you bring back all the stuff from the purge, but adding a couple things to enhance the room or area and make it a place you actually want to be in will do wonders. A little bit of color, an inspirational quote, piece of art, or a friendly face; it doesn’t matter what it is so much as how it makes you feel.

5. Leave It

A change of scenery can be refreshing and help you declutter your mind. Don’t stay cooped up in your work area so much that you forget to take a break from it. A lot of times a few minutes of fresh air or a music break can energize and refuel you leaving you happier and more productive.

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