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Writer’s Block – 3 Necessary Tips for Battling Through It

Having writer’s block may seem like a simple annoyance at first. You write things on a page and erase them because you don’t like what you are producing. Then you repeat the process until you find yourself staring at a blank screen for what seems like hours but, in reality, is only 10 min. The problem is this continues for days, sometimes weeks and you do not know how to overcome it. It may snowball into a panic when your due date is looming compounding the writer’s block. Below are some tips that can help you de-stress and remove the block.

1) Exercise To Battle Writer’s Block

Nothing helps me clear my head more than a good run. Taking a run allows me to quiet the chatter in my brain. It helps me organize my daily tasks, and clearly, rationally think about my writing. If you are not into running, take a walk, or an exercise class. Running and working out relieves stress. Exercise also helps boost your mood by stimulating brain chemicals which can help put you in the right frame of mind to write and defeat the writer’s block.

2) Notepad At Night

Do you have the best ideas at night time? You really could solve the world’s problems, but it never fails when you wake, you can’t remember a single idea. It is known that keeping a pen and pad by your nightstand helps improve your sleep quality. With all those wonderful ideas out of your head and stored safely on paper, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and full of wonderful ideas.

3) Let Loose

You may have tried every trick under the sun, but still, nothing is coming to you. That is when it is time to just step away and have fun. The definition of fun is different for different people. So make sure it is your version of fun and have plenty of it. This will allow your mind to go to a place that is happy and let your guard down. Having fun shouldn’t be for just one day, it should be until you’re are feeling positive and upbeat about your writing. So take as many days as you need, just remember when you come back, it should be easy for you to work and the words should flow onto the paper.

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