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Your Dream Job – Turning Your Passion Into Success

When it comes to discussion about pursuing your dream job, we’ve all heard the saying “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. It’s something you think about in college when choosing a course of study, after college when choosing a career path, as you set professional goals or any time that you are planning a job change. It’s also something you think about on Monday morning when you are already stressed and you haven’t even made it to work yet.

The reality is that not everyone is going to land their dream job. It’s a tough reality that sometimes we let it get us down and affect our money making abilities. Another truth is that we all have things that we feel really passionate about. Those things may be hobbies, tasks, principals, or strategies. Using what you’re passionate about to make yourself successful and profitable is a close second to finding the holy grail of a job that doesn’t seem like work.

1. Self-Assess

Take some time to really think about what you are passionate about and what motivates you. This process could include any number of options so try not to be quick to jump to what you think the answer should be. Think about the times that you feel most satisfied and inspired. You may be a talented singer, amazing at crafts, a natural born leader, or you just have a passion for helping others improve. This isn’t a winner-takes-all game. Don’t limit yourself to one passion. List anything that qualifies regardless of how small or how unlikely you think it is to result in profit.

2. Put it to Work

You can find ways to put your passion to work at any stage in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing a career path, looking for a new career, trying to set up a new business, or just trying to find out how to feel passionate about the work that you already do. If you are looking for a career path that you are passionate about, for the first time or for a new start, make sure that you are thinking broad scale. Having a passion for singing doesn’t mean you have to audition for The Voice or get signed by a major recording label. Think realistically and responsibly. You can nurture your love of singing while teaching Chorus, singing at weddings and other events, or maybe you have a 9-5 that pays the bills while offering singing lessons on the side.

You want to make sure that your passion coincides with a plan for financial stability. If you are already in a career that you feel that you have put a lot of time and effort or education into but aren’t feeling the passion, then start looking at the details. There are tasks that you do every day that you may be undervaluing. You may also be able to work towards a promotion or offer up a suggestion to your company that allows you to incorporate your passion into the work that you already do.

3. Re-Assess

If you are really having a hard time finding anything to be passionate about in your current path, then it may be time to re-assess. Realistically you don’t want to just reassess what you’re passionate about that is missing from your current career but ways you can cultivate that passion into your dream job. Most of us have responsibilities and families to support and it isn’t always feasible to make huge changes overnight. But, having a lackluster feeling every day about your career will eventually affect your performance and in turn your earning power at work.

4. Cultivate it Positively

Don’t let your passion and tenacity be misinterpreted. Blurting out things in meetings or being obstinate to things can cause others to see your passion as something that it is not. Don’t let it show through negatively. When we feel really passionately about something it’s hard to keep it hidden. But, remember that you want others to see it as a positive bonus, not a hindrance. Find ways to incorporate your ideas and present them professionally so that others not only get excited with you but also see the benefit your passion can bring to the company.

5. Don’t Stop

The answer may not be something you can do overnight. It may take time and dedication, but having the plan to turn our passion into your dream job will boost your motivation. Don’t stop working towards your goal. Don’t stop looking for ways to use, share, and showcase your passions. When others see you working on something with passion and enthusiasm they are more confident in your work, get more excited to see the outcome, and are likely to be more supportive.

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