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Expert Scheduling Services for Financial Professionals


Why Settle for Less?
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Why Choose Milrich Virtual Professionals?

Expertise: Our seasoned schedulers are adept at managing the demanding schedules of Financial Professionals.

Personalization: Tailored scheduling solutions to match your workflow and client engagement strategies.

Reliability: With real-time calendar updates and professional client communication, we ensure you’re always ahead of your schedule.

Time-Saving: Delegate the scheduling hassles to us, and invest your time where it’s needed most - with your clients.

Confidentiality: Your client information is safe with us; we uphold strict confidentiality and data security protocols.

About Our Schedulers

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At Milrich Virtual Professionals, we ensure our schedulers handle your financial professional clientele with quality care through:

  • Extensive Interview Process

  • Skills and Competency Testing

  • Background Check

Additionally, all schedulers undergo a thorough two-week intensive orientation process including:

  • Training on Financial Professional Scheduling Philosophy

  • Deep insights into job responsibilities

  • Proper Scheduling Techniques

  • Comprehensive Review of all Technology Tools

  • Tips and Tricks of the Scheduling Trade

  • Script Training

  • Assigned Veteran Scheduler Mentor

  • Weekly Skill Building

  • Mentor facilitated mock calls

  • All new client orientation is facilitated by one of our Client On-Boarding Specialists.

How am I assigned a scheduler?

We evaluate several factors before assigning you a scheduler. We select a scheduler that has no territory conflicts, one that aligns with the time zone they will be calling, as well as one that demonstrates the skills and personality to successfully handle your scheduling needs. 

How should I be using my scheduler?

We find that your scheduler will produce the best results calling on a list of your current producers and warm contacts. We do not shy away from cold calling, however we recommend a more robust script for these calls and want to be sure each client is aware this will lower the expectation of appointments set each hour.

How far out should the scheduler be scheduling?

We recommend that your scheduler be calling at least two weeks out and that your rotation be built out to include alternate dates for the area they are calling on. The best use of their time for trying to fill last minute time slots will be by suggesting them in an email communication. We have several email templates that are good for such a use.

How many calls should my scheduler be making?

Our schedulers are expected to meet the minimum requirement of 10-12 calls per hour, which includes logging calls, mapping, and an email follow up for each call. When working strictly with a call log and not entering notes in a CRM, we tend to see this number increase to 14-16 calls per hour.

What information do you need to get started?

(The client profile is attached to the agreement and outlines any systems your scheduler will be gaining access to, if any. It will also let us know how you’d like the calendar to be set up (either shared access or a “mock” calendar that will mirror yours).

- List of contacts you would like us to call on
- Returned agreement
- Client p


What do I do after my scheduler is assigned?

After scheduler assignment, you will be contacted by the management team, an onboarding specialist, and your scheduler rather quickly to coordinate a call to cover all the specifics of your account as well as give you the opportunity to set expectations with your scheduler.

How will my scheduler report their work to me?

Your scheduler utilizes a call log in Google Sheets that is shared with you so you can have real time updates of the calls that are being made and the responses they receive. You will also be requesting either a Weekly or Daily Summary from them that will outline the number of calls made, time used, and a detailed list of appointments made.

Questions about performance?

Amanda Lane is your Project Manager, so if you have any questions or concerns about your account, or would like to work on a more detailed script, please email her at 

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