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Attention-Grabbing Titles for Your Blog – 5 Insightful Tips

Attention-grabbing titles come in many forms. Sometimes we can focus so much on the content (which of course is important) and justify that if we get that right who cares if the title is a flop. The truth of the matter is that your title for your blog is just as important as the content. If you don’t have an intriguing title that draws people in they will never get to the content of your piece!

Let’s talk about what makes a strong and appealing title to draw more readers to your blog.

1. Have a strong topic

I know this may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but believe me, it actually does. The only time it’s ever okay to not try to come up with a creative title is if the topic is so relevant and popular that people will read it just because you wrote it. Now let me tell you, though, even this is risky. Let’s face it if it’s that popular and relevant there’s probably other bloggers out there writing about it as well.

2. Ask a question

Another strong title idea is to phrase the title in your blog in the form of a question. Think about what you are blogging about. Now ask yourself what the #1 question most people want to be answered about it is. If you can answer that question in your content, you have the title to your post.

3. Use your adjectives

There is a fine line to walk when using adjectives because you don’t want a long flowery title filled with nonsense. Pick impactful, vivid, and relevant descriptive words to help mold your title. Word association maps may help.

4. Make a declarative statement, then ask if it’s true or false

This is a great strategy especially when you are writing on a controversial subject. This draws in readers from both sides of the controversy because they don’t know what side you land on. You should continue laying out the facts before rendering an opinion at the very end. This strategy can make an impact if you do it effectively because you can influence how a person looks at a situation.

5. Go for nonsense as an attention-grabbing title

It sounds bad, but it works. We’ve all fallen victim to its perils. You’re doing a little shopping online, working, or browsing on Facebook and you run across an article with such a crazy outrageous title that you have to click on it to read it. I’m not proud but I’ve fallen victim myself. But, of course, if it’s as ridiculous as the title suggests I go immediately to my history and wipe it from my browser!

I know it’s frustrating and the last thing you probably want to do after writing a 500-word article is to rack your brain for an attention-grabbing title, but think of the alternative. You open up your tracking and have zero read reports. Just try your best to be creative and it’ll come.

If you are still having difficulties with your blog, see how we can help you here!

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