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Best 5 Books for Outsourcing Your Business

Several years ago, outsourcing got a bad reputation as being synonymous with sending American jobs overseas. It manifested in our minds as call center representatives who were difficult to deal with because of the language barrier. But recently, the term has evolved into something totally different. Outsourcing is now business-speak for hiring a virtual assistant or building a virtual team. There is now plenty of research, documentation, and statistics that showcase the benefits of outsourcing a virtual assistant.

If you are curious about using outsourcing in your business, below is a list of several informational books about virtual assistants and books on outsourcing. The material and knowledge within these books will not only help you streamline your business but also lessen your already hefty workload and improve your business operations while being easy on your wallet.

The Virtual Assistant Solution by Michael Hyatt

One of the top books about virtual assistants is written by Michael Hyatt, a notable author, podcaster, speaker, and the CEO of his own performance coaching company, making him an ideal professional to get business advice from.

In the beginning of his book, Hyatt introduces the common scenario of a business owner who is stressed and overworked by handling several administrative tasks and running out of time. The Virtual Assistant Solution explains how hiring a virtual professional allows you to skip the stress and expense of traditional hiring and get an expert handling all the tasks you prefer not to do.

Outsourcing Domination by Marc Guberti

Guberti points out that working smarter only goes so far. To grow your business to the next level you need to outsource some key functions. Outsourcing Domination takes you through the process of figuring out what to outsource and how to manage your projects with a lot less stress than trying to do it all yourself.

Virtual Assistant Assistant by Nick Loper

Engaging a virtual assistant for the first time can be stressful, but Loper has the answer in Virtual Assistant Assistant. The book offers all the information you need to get started, from where to find a virtual assistant and best practices of working with one. This guide an excellent tool to help anyone learn more about outsourcing a virtual assistant, employing the benefit candidates, and many advantages of a remote workforce.

Making Remote Work Work by Gil Gildner

Gildner anticipates the challenges you can face with a remote workforce in different locations and he provides guidance from his extensive experience working and managing teams remotely. Making Remote Work Work is a blueprint for long-term success running your business with virtual professionals.

The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance by Tess Strand

Strand covers the benefits of virtual assistants not being employees in her discussion of what a virtual professional is. The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance also outlines how to find and manage a virtual assistant, what tasks to delegate, what questions to ask in evaluating skills, and how a virtual professional can help you grow your business.

There are many Americans pursuing professional careers as virtual assistants with a variety of skills to offer, making it easier than you realize to find the expertise you need. It is easier and less expensive to engage a virtual assistant than to hire an employee, and tools for managing remote work are readily available. These books about virtual assistants and outsourcing can demystify some of your concerns and realize that the pros absolutely outweigh the cons here.

Virtual assistants are easy to find through an agency like Milrich Virtual Professionals. We do all the screening and scheduling for you, so you can focus on what you do best. Milrich also provides support to clients and virtual assistants in best practices for remote work and management. We’ve recently launched our Milrich Virtual Professionals course to provide additional training opportunities for virtual assistants who want to increase their value to our clients.


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