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Communicating in Today’s Society

We all know that communication is key to survival in today’s society, but with so many different avenues to communicate, how can we be successful in doing so? 

Pathways for Communication

First, let’s take a look at all of the different pathways for communication, such as the phone, email, text, in person, and regular mail (yes, even snail mail!). Communicating in person seems to be the best way to communicate; you can receive the whole picture, the emotion, and the nonverbal gestures. You still get the majority of those things when you talk to someone on the phone, minus the nonverbal gesturing. Emotion can even come through in someone’s handwriting in snail mail.

Portraying Your Intended Message

But what about text and email? When using these forms of communication, you lose both the emotion and the nonverbal gestures, and misunderstandings can happen more easily. So knowing these downsides to these forms of instant communication that can seem so convenient, how can we try to get our point across and reach the receiver in the way we have intended?

We can do this by being conscious of what we are typing and direct with our verbiage. It’s better to leave the emotions for when you are physically with that person to limit the number of misunderstandings that may happen. Remember that in this day and age of instant gratification, and we need to ‘say what we mean and mean what we say’! Because of the culture’s need for this instant gratification, being direct is important so that the point can be understood and processed more quickly.

Social media has even given us another form of short and quick communication. Facebook messages and Tweeting one another are ways to get short messages across quickly. This is another avenue of communication where it is important to keep emotion out of the messages and just stick with short and to-the-point messages that people will not have to delve into and evaluate too deeply.

We Can Help!

Lucky for you that is exactly what the independent contractors do at Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC. The staff has an excellent understanding of effective and efficient communication skills. We understand that your time is valuable so we make the most of the communication we have with you and your business.

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