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Continuous Learning

I love to learn!  Honestly, if I could afford it I would be a professional student or at least a part-time professional student.  But I know I am not the norm.  Most people have the mindset that if they have received their degree and have a job or a career then they shouldn’t have to spend their adult life and free time learning.  That mindset could lead you and your career down a slippery slope.  Continuous learning isn’t just a good thing for your career it is a good thing for you as a person and your personal life.

Learning and Career Growth

Yes, while it may be true that you received your degree, did your time, and you should be allowed to be proud of that nowadays it’s just not enough.  You should be seeking a graduate degree in a branch of what you majored in or preferably the field that you work in.  But even that isn’t enough to keep yourself ahead of the game in your industry. 

You should be seeking out additional learning opportunities.  This can be as simple as reading a blog listening to a podcast, or something more in-depth like taking a course either online or at your local community college to stay fresh and up to date with your industry.  You wouldn’t want your doctor’s mindset to be ‘well I went to med school that should be enough’ so why should you have the same expectation for yourself?

Learning and Personal Growth

As far as your personal growth and continuous learning, there is always new technology that you should make sure that you are aware of.   Some people have a furrowed brow about social media but the truth is that’s where the world is.  If you want to connect and engage you need to be on multiple forms of social media.  It will help you stay connected with your friends and family, keep you updated on the world and local news, and believe it or not help you with your non-traditional thinking.

Technology is our world and staying current with the platforms out there will keep you connected. And current in not only your personal life but your professional life too!

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