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Fresh Perspectives – How to Think Outside the Box to Grow your Business

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Being creative and effective in your business is important yet you find yourself getting stuck and needing fresh perspectives. When this happens, how many times have you heard someone suggest thinking outside the box when tackling a task?  That statement scares most and leaves us wondering how to do something that is different, creative, and effective. So where in the world are you going to find information that will give you a roadmap to think outside the box? Here are some things that can help.

Look at other industries

A good place to look for things that will help you think outside the box is to look at industries other than your own. Educate yourself about those industries and the things that make them successful.  Think of how you can take their methods and tweak them to fit your business.  How can you make their success, your success?

Other ways to find this information is to read trade magazines, books, or websites.  While reading, researching, and educating yourself on different industries you will find that you have a lot more similarities than differences.  You will also uncover that other businesses are having the same challenges you are.  Sometimes differences in things can give you a clear picture on how to solve problems and give you fresh new ideas.

Start at the end

Look at what the end result of what you are trying to achieve is and work backward.  Think about the steps from finish to start and see where you could alter them or make changes.  Sometimes starting from your desired end result sparks new and innovative ideas, because you already know what you want to achieve. It’s just your method of getting there that’s getting in your way.

Take a course or seminar for fresh perspectives

No matter how much you may hate training or taking a course, education and learning will always help open your mind and expand your knowledge.  Taking courses that are out of your comfort zone or for fun can help you relax and gain creativity.  Not to mention learning is never wasted because knowledge can only help you grow as a person.

Thinking outside the box still may not be your favorite thing but using these suggestions will help equip you with the confidence to tackle the task and hopefully come up with the most creative ideas yet!

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